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@Melanie :) Goldmoney, may I respectfully suggest that you show a new graph on the live-charts page. It would show two lines - the number of Goldmoney transactions per day (i.e, Metcalf value of the network) & the gold price, both plotted against time. In other words the ratio of the Metcalfe value to the gold price. Divergence represents buy & sell signals. Key message is, the Metcalfe value (network effect) is increasing, the gold price is dropping, so BUY GOLD *NOW* :) & BUY (GOLDMONEY SHARE'S SQUARED), then just wait... but make sure everyone gets it! Get it?


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    Wierd - I actually care about this company, like much more than the money I've put into it. I care about the idea, the meme, if you like... probably not not the best place to be when making investment decisions which is why the graphs/numbers are so important.

    Actually, thinking about it a bit more, if the members of the network can't freely interact with each other, but have to interact through Goldmoney then the network effect is not actually such a big deal is it...? This math is beyond my ken...

    Bitcoin might be a better bet?
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    @paddy10tellys I agree with everything you said except perhaps the part about Bitcoin
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    @79Au197 the bitcoin comment was particular to network connectedness & growth. Bitcoin & Goldmoney(?) use crypto & blockchain, but both need momentum network effect to be valuable and they are getting in each others way. I prefer gold to binary but my BTC gains are hedging my gold & XAU-T losses just now, mainly, I suspect because bankers can't rig the BTC price like they do the gold price... actually, I bet they are implementing plans to strangle both networks in infancy even now
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