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Do you have an updated list of US states that allow person-to-person Payments & Transfers?


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    I know its not in Illinois... :'(
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    Which US States Can Send and Receive Gold Transfers? As of Nov 29, 2016

    When you send a gold transfer with Goldmoney Personal and Business, you are transferring the ownership of your gold to the recipient. Gold is free to send, and you can say goodbye to cross border fees!

    The Send Gold feature is currently available in the following US states:

    District of Columbia
    South Carolina
    South Dakota

    Gift of Gold

    Verified Goldmoney Personal and Business users in the US (as outlined below) and around the globe may send the Gift of Gold to friends using the golden gift icon located at the top of your Dashboard. The Gift of Gold is available in all US states, with the exception of Illinois and Arizona.

    Using Gold Transfers

    Goldmoney Network features such as Invoices and Payouts use the functionality of the Send Gold feature, so the following eligibility requirements and regional restrictions apply for these tools in addition to regular gold transfers.

    Please note that both the gold sender and recipient must reside in a region where the feature you are using (Gold Transfers or Gift of Gold) is available. US users must have a Personal Verified Account to be able to send or receive transfers, and may only send transfers to and receive gold from users who are also verified. This also means that US users may not send gold transfers to users who have not yet registered for a Goldmoney Personal or Business account. US users may not send transfers to users in Cuba, and Cuban users may not send transfers to users in the US. Goldmoney Business users may only invoice users who are eligible to send gold transfers, and may not invoice US users who are not yet verified. A US user may only be added to a Payout list if they have verified their account, and must reside in an eligible region.
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    @GoldIsCurrency - thank you "user formerly known a @BigD" I am proud to live in The Republic of Texas

    For what it is worth, these things must be approved on a state-by-state level and it appears to be slow going (sadly). As @Roy Sebag said we are only 19 months into this global disruptive technology. My ferverent hope is that more states will join.

    If you are reading this and your state is not on the list, the decision lies with YOUR STATE, not Goldmoney. Please contact your state legislators and tell them that you want Goldmoney to be able to offer direct user-to-user payments in your state.
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    I asked a few months back if we should contact people in our state and Roy felt like it would be best to let the process play out. I'm not sure if it even a legislative decision or if it is something done at a staff regulatory level. Might depend on the state.
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