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Right up front - this is a rant. A rant targeted at new users who by definition of being new users need some things 'splained to them.

1) your concerns are justified. It is your hard earned money and you have a right to be concerned about it. We all got your back on that one.

2) Goldmoney is an upright growing concern - backed by hardworking ethical folks. Yet it is only 19 months old.

3) even though it is Internet based, most of the operations require real live people to do the actual work. This means that physical gold transactions into, out of, and within vaults are done be real people during regular business hours. This is a key point because Goldmoney is experiencing record levels of gold influx and if the gold is not already in the vault it must be obtained from other vaults or refiners and must then be assayed and QCed to make sure it is the real deal. Your gold is 100% allocated and you want it verified. Trust me.

4) "Pending" means just that. Goldmoney is working on it. These are not just binary digits in a computer network. Goldmoney may use binary digits in a computer network to track your gold, but your gold is physical grams of 79Au197 (the gold, not me) that has volume and mass and substance. See item 3) above.

5) wire transfer issues are almost always the result of a real live person at a bank - not at Goldmoney - dawdling or bleeping up in some other way. If only all deposits could be ACH or EFT, but sadly … Furthermore tracing wire transfers takes time. Goldmoney folks can only do so much, especially when the problem usually lies with a third party bank. BUT REST ASSURED GOLDMONEY SUPPORT IS DILLIGENTLY DOING EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE.

6) Goldmoney does not provide weekend or holiday support. Additionally banks and the vaults are not open on weekends or holidays either. People not computers.

7) Goldmoney does not provide 24/7 telephone support. OK they provide NO telephone support. One reason is that phone support is no more effective than email support at actually resolving issues. The other is that it is expensive (and yet no more effective). Goldmoney had the lowest fee structure of any gold storage service. If you must have phone support there are dozens of other more expensive options. You could even open a Goldmoney Wealth position which does have phone support, but has a higher fee structure.

8) if I have offended anyone in any way, see item 1) above. I am just a customer (a minor customer - others have WAY more gold on deposit than I)*, but I have been here almost since the beginning and everything I have ever witnessed with BitGold Goldmoney has been on the up and up. Relax. Be patient. Give time to Goldmoney to resolve your issues. Post here if you start to get worried. There is a reason why @Melanie is called The Legend.

* I am also a minor shareholder (emphasis on minor) o:)


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    One more thing* …

    Almost 218 hundred million grams of gold transacted with very few glitches or complaints. Not much comfort when it is your problem, but still.

    218 million grams of gold transacted … just sayin'

    If you are having a problem try to be patient. The folks at Goldmoney really do care.

    * channeling the late Steve Jobs
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    @79Au197 nice rant. I have been a Goldmoney client and shareholder since March. I agree with everything you say. Thanks for spelling it out. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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    Good one @79Au197 !!! someone needed to spell this out, indeed @Pinkdog. We, the community demand educated commentary from members! The ignorance of some new users is no excuse for rude & inaccurate posting. Management may not feel able to spell this out as eloquently & assertively as you have. This should be a sticky that the less-than-circumspect can be referred to... @Melanie ?
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    Another issue with phone support: there would be no way for Goldmoney to do that economically when they have customers in over 100 countries speaking who knows how many different languages. Perhaps they will be able to offer phone support in the future when they have 10x or 100x the customer base to support it.
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    Thanks @79Au197 Thats a relief, I'm not one to complain too much, but I do get concerned, and when I call the old number (+1-800-854-7418) and get "this number is no longer in use"...well you know, one can get a bit nervous. Also, someone mentioned e-mail support. What is the GoldMoney e-mail support address? Thanks and regards.
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    @Chepol88 - as @GoldMatters lists above, it is actually a web form. I initially whined and complained about the lack of an actual email address until @Melanie The Legend 'splained it to me.

    The web form cuts down on the the number of duplicate support tickets. This is another serious issue. DON'T SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE SUPPORT REQUEST FOR A SINGLE ISSUE. Duplicate requests just confuse and muddle (or is it muddie) the water.


    I can personally assure you that based on my correspondence with the BitGold Goldmoney support team over the past year or more since I opened my account that these folks (aka Golden Ninjas) jump through hoops daily to make it all go smoothly for you.

    No one ever complains when it just works, but righteously concerned folks do complain here when it doesn't. Sometimes their concern gets the better of them and they say things that they would probably realize are needlessly inflammatory if it weren't for that fact that it is their money at stake. At only 19 months of age Goldmoney is still building its street cred as it were, so I urge the rest of us veterans to be as reassuring and gentle as possible. o:)
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