decreasing everyday

Can I ask, hope you give an answer. Is it possible that my investment on goldmoney decreasing. My goldmoney decreases in two days.


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    What do you mean by "investment" @marksantiago ?

    If you mean the value of your gold in your account, expressed in a fiat currency, that will go up and down with the overall price of gold in the world market. But remember that in grams of gold it remains the same. If you bought 10 grams, you still have 10 grams.

    If by investment you mean that you bought shares in Goldmoney Inc. , the price changes constantly set by the bid and ask of the stock market (XAU on the TSX). But as Roy explained in great detail recently, one must step back from the price of the moment and study the longer term fundamentals of the company and its opportunities.

    If daily fluctuations in prices drive you crazy, then perhaps you shouldn't own these assets. But if you understand why one owns gold or company stock or both (as I do) then you learn to ignore the short term and be patient. Gold has worked for over 5000 years. I see no reason why it should stop working in our lifetimes.
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    @GrandpaBrian - well said. Neither Gold the metal nor XAU (XAUMF) the stock are "get rich quick" schemes. I also own both, though not as much of either as I should.

    Gold is wealth preservation. Goldmoney stock is an investment. The truth of the matter is that for whatever reasons the market values gold and XAU (XAUMF) less under a Trumped up future than before.

    Harry Dent says gold will go to $500/oz. James Rickards says gold will go to $10,000/oz. Dent may be right in the near term with Rickards correct in the long term. Who can say?
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    It might be helpful for users to switch to viewing their account in "grams." This might change the way our accounts are perceived and brace us for a long term mind set vs the anxiety of watching fluxuating local currency values
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