Silver Redemption? Personal to Wealth Transfer

I have a few questions.

1. Is there or will there ever be an option to redeem physical silver in form of coins/bars from our personal accounts?

2. Do wealth accounts allow you to purchase silver, plat, pall, and gold in as much the same way we purchase gold(g) from our personal accounts?
2a. Also, If i'm a "poorer" individual but would like to still purchase smaller amounts of silver/gold from the GOLDMONEY system that you have made so available for the (g) buyers, and NOT purchase from JM Bullion, AMPEX, etc etc... is there even a point for me to open up a wealth account? (is it ideally for people who can drop more than $500+ at a time and whom store large amounts of different precious metals?)
2b. Finally, if you say that someone whom does make a low income but still wants to buy for themselves a little bit of gold and silver, then I would ask how would I go about transferring it all over from personal to wealth holdings?


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    Hi @Reverence!

    1. Redemption into physical silver is certainly possible on the Goldmoney personal platform.

    2.a. Goldmoney has no minimums on any of its account or holding options. You can open a Wealth Holding with as little as a few dollars. You will then be able to purchase any precious metal in any quantity you wish.

    2.b. You can select "redeem" from your personal account, fill in the details including your Goldmoney Wealth Holding number and password (once you have signed up and verified) and you can request a transfer of as much or little gold (from the Toronto vault) as you wish.

    Hope this was of assistance!

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    @KatyMillington @GoldMatters I know there are silver redemption options from your personal account. However, I'm only seeing the ability to redeem 1kg or 100g gold bars from my wealth account. Is this correct?
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