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The Goldmoney Community is a great place to interact with other likeminded individuals! In order to make the most of your experience on the Community, you may want to take note of some helpful and fun features available to you!

Add a Comment
Once you have registered your Community Handle, you can log in and begin contributing to the Community by posting your first comment! You can add a comment to a discussion by using the text field next to your avatar at the bottom of a discussion. Simple html is permitted, but if your comment starts to look a bit too wacky our Moderation Team might clean it up for you.

Start a Discussion
Once you’ve gotten started with commenting on the Community, you may want to start your own discussion on a topic that interests you! You can click the “Start a Discussion” link on the Community Home Page and select the category most appropriate for the discussion. You can also start a new discussion from within a category by clicking on the yellow “New Discussion” button at the top of the category.

Start a New Poll
If you would like to pose a question to the Community in the form of a multiple-choice poll, you can create a new poll from within a category by clicking the drop-down arrow next to “New Discussion” and selecting “New Poll.” You can choose the poll question you would like to ask, a description of the poll, and the options available for fellow users to choose from.

Ask a Question
If you have a question about Goldmoney that you can't find the answer to by browsing the Community or using the search bar you can click the “Ask a Question" link on the Community Home Page. You can also Ask a Question from within a category by clicking the drop-down arrow next to “New Discussion” and selecting “Ask a Question.” Please note that questions regarding your account or transactional inquiries should be directed to Our Support Team as we cannot disclose any information about your Goldmoney account activity on the Community.

Change Your Avatar
Choose the smiling face you want to use to represent yourself in the Community by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and selecting “Profile.” Click on the “Change Picture” link on your avatar to select a new avatar from the avatar pool!

Update Your Notification Settings
Once on your profile, select the drop down menu next to the small user icon above your Points balance. Click “Edit Profile” and select “Notification Preferences” from the menu on the left. You can choose how you would like to be notified of various Community activity, and then click “Save Preferences” at the bottom!

Tagging a User
Sometimes when you’re in a discussion, you may realize that one of your fellow Community members might be interested in joining the conversation or you may want to address your post to a specific person. Similarly, to other web platforms, you can tag that person by their Community Handle using the @ symbol. For example, typing @Melanie will send me a notification that you have mentioned me!

Tagging Posts
Adding tags to your discussions makes it easier for other users to find them by searching for keywords with the Community search tool. If you are starting a discussion about Payments, you can use the “Payments” tag! If you want to talk about the scientific properties of gold, you can use the “Science” tag! If a tag does not yet exist for the topic of your discussion, you can create your own. Our Moderation Team is watching, so make sure your tags are appropriate.

If you want to quote a previous post from a user in order to respond to it, you can click the Quote button at the bottom of their post and it will be included in your comment!

Did someone’s post make you laugh out loud or nod your head in agreement? You can let them know by using the reaction buttons that appear when you move your cursor over the post! Your reactions also add or deduct from that user’s points total.

Certain actions on the Community will earn you a badge to proudly display on your profile! There are also special badges that the Moderation Team may choose to bestow upon you in recognition of how awesome you are!

Bookmark a Discussion
If you want to be notified when new posts are made in a discussion you are particularly interested in, you can click the star next to the discussion! Notification preferences for bookmarked posts can be edited on your profile (see above).
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