Prince: GOLD HOARDER? How Much Did He Own?


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    That is hilarious.

    His gold was less than 2% of his net worth of tens of millions of dollars, yet having 67 10oz gold bars was HOARDING.

    I would gladly like to HOARD that much gold. Although I would keep it in Goldmoney for safety and convenience.

    Then again a few 1kg 9999 fine paper weights (door stops?) would be nice to have around the house.

    Go ahead and touch the bar. You know you want to …
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    I heard a blabbing head on the news this morning making fun of Prince and other people for having a stash of 10 oz gold bars. She was saying do these people really think they are going to walk around with 10 oz gold bars in their pockets? And I thought, "No, you idiot, we'll walk around with silver coins in our pockets, but we'll take a few 10 oz gold bars to the bank to pay off our mortgage once the crash comes."
    I wonder are these news casters just ignorant? Or are they being deliberately told to make fun of Prince and gold?
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    @RocketDog groupthink - same reason the media was shocked (shocked I tell you … "NO ONE SAW THIS COMING") by BREXIT and the US election results
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