Royal Canadian Mint 1 Kilo Bar

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Goldmoney offers 1 Kilo Bars made of .9999 gold bullion for redemption. Working with only top tier partners such as the Royal Canadian Mint, the gold bars offered on the Goldmoney platform are fully guaranteed by the Government of Canada to have the highest purity available on the market. The 1 Kilo Gold Bars from The Royal Canadian mint are the only federally minted bars in North America which come stamped with weight, mint, and serial number.

And yet the 1 Kilo Bar displayed at the link above is Johnson Matthey :o

@JacHumphrey @Melanie

How about an image of an actual RCM 1kg bar?

Also note that in the second occurance of "Royal Canadian Mint" above, the word "mint" needs to be capitalized.


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