Noticias de Donal trup y el oro

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Trump se reunirá con un ex director de un banco que quiere abolir la FED y volver al patrón oro


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    Trump: "Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do, but boy would it be wonderful"
    Also he has said that he’s a fan of Rand and identifies with Howard Roark, the main character in “The Fountainhead.”

    But!, there's no way to stop the machine from politics, incentives are the opposite.
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    Jim Rickards speculates that Trump will be the "helicopter money" president and along with many analysts, he also expects inflation to run large in 2017. In other words, he doesn't think Trump will impose a gold standard.

    Where Trump has a potential 8-year term ahead of him, he could make working on eliminating the $20 trillion government debt a priority, but that would take away his ability to focus on more exciting projects. And not to mention, even if the government did pay off their debt completely, there are still plenty of central banks with over 50 trillion in derivatives that could start a recession at best, or a collapse (more likely). If history is any indication, the economic conditions we're living in now mimic very well the conditions before the Great Depression in the 20's - see the image below, referencing a recent article by Zero Hedge. So maybe Trump will just conclude that the US dollar will fail eventually, and pass off the burden to the next president.

    Who knows. But to be certain, building the southern wall, of course at his own expense, will cost a lot of money. So will tax cuts, and in my opinion, converting to bilateral trade deals is probably a lot less efficient than keeping NAFTA, but we have yet to see how that will play out.

    All these projects, and more to come, despite many of his inner circle being gold bugs. Clearly they love gold. Being critical of the federal reserve is an absolutely unprecendented and taboo topic for any president to make.

    One thing I wonder, since Trump would have difficulty having things go well one way or another, is if there is any possibility of introducing fractional gold support to the USD. They could still honour all notes, but with a plan to have older paper notes replaced by a certain timeline with new ones that have fractional gold support. A detailed framework could be in the cards. Of course, it would be wise for Trump to also ban central banks from derivatives if he's attempting to make money have fundamental value again. Certainly he believes enough in the gold standard fundamentals and principles that I could see this being a possibility.

    I think JP Morgan has the right strategy by hoarding huge amounts of silver. Without the right fundamental footing, it's only a matter of time before we have another crash. As each crash has only grown into a bigger bubble with money-printed bail-outs and the risk growing exponentially, a new crash won't be anything like the ones we've seen before. It will lead to hyperinflation, or ICE 9, which is a doomsday reality.

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