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I lost my card on Friday so I went to the CardPortal site to freeze the card. I did so and received notice that they would contact me again within 24 hours with details as to how to get a replacement card. They did not. I emailed them and they said that they have informed GoldMoney and to contact them, which I did Monday morning. It is now Wednesday afternoon. Nothing. My card has vanished from the Goldmoney site and when I click on the prepaid card link, there is no mention of reordering a new card, just applying for a new one.

This is my main problem with Goldmoney. I love the idea and and the implementation. However, customer service can be awful. I phoned my banks when I lost my wallet and they had replacement cards in the mail the following day. How do I trust a company to hold my funds if they do not respond to emails or even have a support phone number? I hope they contact me soon or at least inform me that the replacement card has been mailed as soon as they received notice from CardPortal, which would have been Friday since the card was off my Goldmoney account on Saturday. I can't deposit funds into GoldMoney without my other credit cards or ATM cards and now I can't buy anything from eBay or even from the US. Life is on hold until I get the card. So much for me buying airplane tickets next week for my holiday.

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    TomSwift said:

    How do I trust a company to hold my funds if they do not respond to emails or even have a support phone number?

    They usually respond even if it's some issue you could resolve using the search bar tool on the site. Already happened to me lol :|
    Nowadays telematic support, even if it's slow, is more trustworthy than really huge display of physical customer support like banks. Because, you know, they will be at losses. :s
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    I have already searched this. I can't initiate a re-issue request because there is no option showing for that. There is no option to request another card available. I was told they have been informed of the loss yet nothing. I guess an issue might be with the reissue fee but I can't deposit funds into Goldmoney until I get my other credit card back from the bank and that probably won't arrive until next week. I don't know if there is an option to take the fee out of the funds already in the card. I don't want to start the process online with no option to request another card, since I have lots of funds in the old debit card and I don't want there to be any more confusion.

    Again, the issue is that it is now Wednesday evening and they still have not responded. If there was the option to reissue my old card showing online, I would have done it days ago but since it is not there, I am stuck until they respond.
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    @TomSwift CardPortal does not directly provide service to our users, as their team is not large enough to manage this - users should always contact us. They did not send along your email until late Monday, and I see you also emailed us late (our time) on Monday. As outlined in our automatic message back to you, responses may take 1-3 business days - in our time zone, we are just starting the second business day on Wednesday.

    The site is working correctly - you need to select the option to have a new card sent to you. Click on the Prepaid Card icon in the Navigation menu, and then select the card currency you would like. Confirm your address, and that you consent to the reissue fee, and you are done. This is all built into the platform directly so that you may immediately suspend and reissue your card when lost, without having to contact anyone. If you do not currently have enough funds for the reissue fee, yes, you will need to make a deposit first before you can proceed.
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    Just to avoid confusion.

    You may need to click on the "Hamburger" button ( ) next to Overview to get the drop down with the option to choose Prepaid Cards. On this page you will find a link to Report Lost or Stolen Card.
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