My Prepaid card never arrived.

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Hi Goldmoney Team.I recently(November 17) requested the goldmoney Prepaid card and I never received it. I am living in Africa,Mozambique.What to do now?!and it will not cost nothing or I will need to pay?


  • 79Au19779Au197 Posts: 4,047 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please read

    Africa: 20-30 business days

    The cards are sent by standard mail by default, and the above delivery estimations are based on delivery times as reported by users. We have made a courier option available for users whose local postal service may not be reliable to ensure delivery security. The courier option incurs a fee of 0.25 GAU. Please note that the courier option may not necessarily be faster, and should only be used if you have doubts about the card arriving successfully through standard mail. Some countries with extremely unreliable postal systems must have their card couriered. Card re-issue will incur a fee of 0.2 GAU in the event of a delivery failure, so make sure to confirm your address is correct and consider the courier option if necessary. You must wait until the delivery period associated to your region has passed before you will be able to have the card re-issued.

    You may want to also submit a support ticket via

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