Silver is The Goldilocks of Metals

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When film died, we saw many other potential applications in technology and medicine. But the cost was just too high. Batteries for electrical cars were one. Chlorine replacement in pools another. Colloidal Silver suspensions for various ailments a third. Microwave blocking was another. None happened on a large scale for various reasons. But now it is starting to happen in heating elements. This is no aberration. It's the beginning of an application trend.

Despite being better than copper in many conductive applications, the price of silver was too high for heating elements. And so copper was used. Technology finally devised more efficient use of Silver in windshield heating to replace copper filament and decrease glare. And that means more silver will be used. And that, in turn means more similar applications will be researched.



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    @AMALGAM11 Thanks for posting. I think there are a lot of potential catalysts for silver. Not to keep mentioning it, but solar panels is one of my favorite use's for silver and the way most of the world is going green (besides Trump) I would expect the usage to keep increasing.

    What many don’t know is that silver is a primary ingredient in the photovoltaic cells that catch the sun’s rays and transform them into energy. 90 % of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells (the most common cell) use silver paste and close to 70 million ounces of silver are projected for use by solar energy by 2016.
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    An article by @Stefan Wieler today.

    Silver price framework: Both money and a commodity

    "The photovoltaic industry accounts for 13% of total industrial demand as of last year & is likely to continue to grow."
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    I am not a "Greenie" but I believe on controlling polution and such. The "Greenie" is a political scam/agenda in search of Tax Revenue; let us leave it like that and focus more on the tech behind it.

    Yes I agree that Silver is a high value industrial metal and more uses are found for it. Been used on Solar Panels as part of the industrial boom? I beg the difference; some Silver might be used but will be no Boom on Solar Energy. Is just not efficient and cost effective enough. The best Solar Panels I have experience with are the Water Heaters. On those, are not required exotic metals, Aluminium, Plexiglass and Copper will do. The electric type, as best, on a bright sunny day, aimed directly to the sun, 27% efficiency, tops. When the Gov Co goes bust, will be no Grants or Perks to these so called Renewable Energy. At this point, with the pressent tech, is not a self-sustainable business model. Batteries....? Well, not as efficient, cost too much and the fabrication carbon footprint/pollution is hidden on some other country. At the time of disposal, is considered Toxic Waste.

    I think Silver will have better use on the Electronic Industry and Biotech. I say, the Silver Boom will be from shortages. The economy will tank low enough, for Silver Mining to stall. What is left, on that time will be what is on your hand. As soon the Economy start to pick up, Silver will drop in value (miners will extrac more Silver). However, I do not see that will be as low as what is now.

    As far Gold.... is a "worthless industrial" metal (some practical industrial use but not many) and too expensive. I can say, that will remain as Money and Jewlery (on less anount).
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