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Credit Card Transactions & Direct-to-Bank Redemptions Can Now Be Settled in Indian Rupees

We’re pleased to announce that moving forward, deposits made with your rupee-denominated credit cards will settle as local transactions and will not be subject to any foreign exchange fees.

No additional local bank charges, better rates, and our fastest direct-to-bank withdrawals yet. Selling your gold and redeeming the proceeds to Indian rupees reduces your exposure to foreign exchange fees and unfavourable conversion rates.

International wire transfers can take up to one week, but direct-to-bank redemptions made around the world through the Goldmoney Network settle within 24 hours (some within minutes).

No Cross-Border or FX Fees

Buy gold quickly and easily using your rupee-denominated credit card for 0.5%.
Redeem your gold balance to your bank account in rupees for 0.5%.

Send gold value to friends and family around the world for free via email or mobile phone number. Recipients can redeem to their bank account for 0.5%.

Invoice clients around the world in any currency, process invoices for 1%, and redeem to your bank account in rupees for 0.5%.

Learn more about how our Goldmoney Network improvements help lower your costs and settlement times, and view a full list of countries and currencies with direct-to-bank account redemption support.

Send Gold to Family & Friends

The Goldmoney Network is the best way to transfer value globally. Do you have children traveling or studying abroad? Family, friends, or business partners located around the world? Send gold value without hidden or hefty bank fees. With improved direct-to-bank redemptions, you should no longer incur additional charges from your bank.

Powerful ways to save

Start a recurring savings plan to gradually build your gold balance. Depositing directly from your rupee-denominated credit cards enables you to earn credit card rewards while you save in gold. Use high gold prices to your advantage by easily redeeming your gold balance to rupees when gold value increases.

Earn in Gold

Cash flow keeps your business moving. With faster settlement times, you can receive gold payments and redeem their value directly to your bank account within 24 hours. Process cross-border transactions for only 1% and reduce the time and cost of doing business around the world.

Please visit our Customer Support Center at any time. We would be happy to answer any question you may have.

The Goldmoney Team

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