Unable to make deposits and Customer service has been horrific

If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

I've been using goldmoney for several years now and bitgold since the mastercard debit card came out. Is anyone else having trouble making deposits via credit card? I've tried making 8 deposits since last Thursday. The ones made on Thurs went through then I tried making 2 different deposits on Saturday and said there was an error processing my request. I assumed there might be an issue on my end with my credit or debit cards but there weren't. In fact, there was not even an attempt to make any charges. I emailed Goldmoney support Sunday night, didn't hear back Monday so sent 2 more emails on Tuesday and did;t hear back. Wednesday afternoon I still hadn't heard anything back so I sent 2 more emails (one through the email link on the website and one sent to [email protected], with a CC to the service desk) and still haven't heard anything. Has anyone else experienced this godawful customer service or lack thereof?


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