What is your/your ideal Ratio in hand physical to vaulted?

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Hey Community.

Still loving Goldmoney.

My Question:

I am looking at my Goldmoney Account, reading information on physical stacking etc. I think it is important to have some physical metal in hand and I fully understand that the gold in my account is 100% allocated. But, I also realize that worst case scenarios can happen (such as confiscations).

Presuming the metal in hand is safer than being vaulted (the vaulted being a juicier target for confiscation).

What is your/your ideal ratio of holding physical metal in hand versus keeping vaulted with Goldmoney and highly liquid. (or other companies if you use them?)

I am just deciding how much I may want to redeem and would rather do it in one shot to save on shipping.




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    In my opinion it comes down to how safely and inconspicuously you can hide gold at home. It is a potential security risk as well. In a crisis if you're known as the "gold man" you might have unwanted guests. Goldmoney platform prides itself on being fully allocated, but in an ICE9 scenario we can't rely on it. Until then we can, but looking at the derivatives on usdebtclock.org alone means a shutdown could come any day. I would say spread your holdings as you feel comfortable. A hidden vault that can be bolted down is probably a good investment, but it may depend how much you have. Fortunately gold is small enough to store in many inconspicuous spots. And thieves are typically a lazy bunch, going for easy targets.

    I know i'm not answering specifically to your question with regards to a numeric ratio but I prefer answering this way.
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    I don't keep any physical at my home address but in terms of ratios:

    Goldmoney wealth silver to Physical silver ratio: current 2:9 --> target 1:1
    Goldmoney personal gold to physical gold ratio: current 2:1 --> target 1:1

    I liquidated all SLV and GLD last year and moved to Goldmoney; imo those paper markets that "track" the underlying metal are a major problem-->I'm out.

    I agree with @GoldStandardCanadian though, depends per individual; everybody needs to assess their own level of risk aversion (not only by asset class but holding type within an asset class --i.e. physical, etf, future, option, allocated metal)
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    Pinkdog, if I was a thief, then your gold bar is more fortified than Fort Knox. I say that as a vegan. lol. :D
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    @Noteriety Holding physical silver is a better option than gold in my opinion.
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    Economics aside, gold is more enjoyable to hold and look at, imho. And a man with many houses and many freezers can probably afford a nice kilo gold bar, among a silver stack. Not many people have kilo gold bars, so there is novelty value too. :smile:
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