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I was trying to get the wire transfer information to print out for future reference. I accidentally make a small withdraw that I requested be canceled but because there is no phone number just a email it had processed before I got a response. Its on me but I sent an email to support where is says if you have a problem click here and send an email. That was 3 days ago and still no reply. It shows the transaction was processed but it has not been deposited in my account. I checked the my bank information and it has my account number on IBAN box and their is a blank space where my bank name and account go. There is NO bank update information like the instructions show and there is no IBAN box on the top to enter. I added another bank account and filled in the account and bank name boxes but when I clicked on it to check it again, my account number on IBAN box and their are blank boxes where my bank name and account go. I have remove bank account and added it several times. I sent a email to tech support and still nothing. I'm seriously thinking of using my card to get all my money out of gold money because of the communication, I worry about a larger problem with more money in the future where I cannot get a reply. I can get simple answers from the community but there are some times where you need to talk or get in contact with someone who can fix or explain the issue. Has anyone else had issue with the bank information not taking correctly?

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