Marketing Materials for GoldMoney users to pass out?

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Are there any marketing materials (such as pamphlets, fliers, or business cards) that GoldMoney users can print out to give to others? And possibly include their referral link?

I want to evangelize for gold, sound money, and GoldMoney in particular, so one thing I plan on doing is starting to ask cashiers if they accept payments in gold whenever I check out. (I'm not talking about using the GoldMoney Mastercard, because they end up receiving payment in the local currency. I'm talking about receiving payment in gold through GoldMoney.)

At this point in time, I'm pretty sure I won't get any positive responses, and I expect I'll just end up paying with a card (like my GoldMoney mastercard), but I think it is good to at least make more people aware of the demand for businesses to accept gold.

I've only done it once so far, but the cashier looked confused (as expected), and I wish I had a little business card with some info about GoldMoney that I could leave with them.

Is there anything that exists already? Any thoughts on whether GoldMoney would make some official materials? Or are there any users that would like to take a stab at creating some unofficial materials to pass out?


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    I love this enthusiasm! Its advocates like you that give a huge boost to Goldmoney! Have you redeemed a T shirt yet? Thats a great way to start a conversation. I cant tell you how many people ive engaged because of my Goldmoney T shirt.

    I think it helps to make it real for people by showing actual examples. While still growing, there are a few merchants that do accept Goldmoney. If you can show them on your phone that it is possible: They might wake up to this reality when seeing the Pay Button.

    I understand this isn't exactly what you are looking for, but its a start.

    Great idea!
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    I sent an email to support asking the same thing. They need a brand ambassador program to spread the word.
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    An excellent notion @mr1 . Company-approved and supplied marketing materials that we evangelists could distribute could be a very cost-effective means of spreading the word.

    Getting business people to think in grams of gold instead of units of their local currency will take a lot of work but that will come eventually.
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    @GMONEY1 I like the sound of that, Brand Ambassador

    GMBA ?
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    @GrandpaBrian I think its a great idea to think of our holdings in grams. I switched my account to reflect in grams a while back so the currency value becomes irrelevant.... which it is for those who are using the account as long term savings. Watching the currency value fluxucate daily is just an unnecessary mental stress if the funds are designated for use years from now.

    I reccomend to all to do this .
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    @GoldMatters So I received a free hat and shirt in the mail for being a top 100 referrer. However, I'm a little hesitant to wear them outside...could make you a target and ignorant people might extrapolate you as someone that holds physical metal at home...I don't like that.
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    > @ike11ike said:
    > @GoldMatters So I received a free hat and shirt in the mail for being a top 100 referrer. However, I'm a little hesitant to wear them outside...could make you a target and ignorant people might extrapolate you as someone that holds physical metal at home...I don't like that.

    Be brave. Wear them with pride! Or you are welcome to send them to me and I'll wear them. :smile:
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    @GoldMatters @mr1 You guys are right. Hat and shirt will be worn this weekend!
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    GMONEY1 said:

    I sent an email to support asking the same thing. They need a brand ambassador program to spread the word.

    What do you think of the thoughts in this thread? Can we get GoldMoney to provide us with some good materials we can print and pass out to help spread the word?
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    Marketing materials would really help us spred the word and help with credibility. The company should post a section to get ideas from the community.
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    While I do think that marketing materials couldn't hurt the cause, I also think that just having individual conversations with people that know and trust you already might actually be more effective.

    I know for me, I tend to ignore brochures given, even if I know the person. But if someone speaks one-on-one to me, a trusted friend or family member, and they have super compelling case, I will listen.

    The problem with the marketing materials is that they can talk back or make a human connection, or answer questions.

    I do think its a great idea, dont get me wrong.

    I just think reaching out individually, one person at a time might work a little better.

    I have A LOT of experience talking to people about the concept of Goldmoney. Getting people interested is not very hard. The concept is facinating, even to me after years.

    Getting people to sign up is a more difficult hurdle and is going to require significant mental investment most of the time.

    Specifically for business, I think if you can start with getting someone to open up a personal account, that is the best learning tool. Once a business owner for example, understands how a Personal account works, they will be much more receptive to a Business account. The leap from Personal to Business is a lot shorter than no account to a Business account.

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    I definitely agree that personal conversations are more effective than just handing out a card or something. As I think you were getting at... marketing materials definitely can't completely replace the need for conversation.

    However, in this thread I want to stress that I think some marketing materials are a logical step to help compliment and augment other efforts. After a productive conversation about Goldmoney, I'm sure many people would love to have a simple card they could give to the person as reminder to look up the website later. And many times Goldmoney may come up in passing and there may not be time for a whole conversation, and it could again be helpful to give out a card to encourage them to look it up.

    I feel like a simple business card with Goldmoney info on it would be especially helpful in trying to signal to business owners that there is demand for accepting gold. I may not have the opportunity very often to interact with business owners, but I do interact with cashiers. When I ask someone at a cash register if they accept gold, there usually isn't time to have a whole conversation. But I can quickly express my disappointment that they do not accept gold, and tell them I would appreciate it if they would accept it. If I only verbally mention Goldmoney to the cashier, I think it is pretty unlikely that they say anything about it to a manager. However, if I give them a card and ask them to pass the request along to a manager, then I think the probability goes up significantly. And if businesses start getting even a couple of those cards a week, I think they will at least look into it.
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    To go along with this thread, I have a proposal for Goldmoney I'm wondering if you can pass along:
    If Goldmoney is interested in a test case of trying to get an active user base spreading the word in a localized area, in an effort to get uptake from brick and mortar business, I have an idea I can help with.

    I'm part of the Free State Project in NH and with such a small state, and high concentration of gold enthusiasts, I think we could really make an impact by getting a group of us to hand out Goldmoney cards to the businesses we go to (as described in post above). A good way to get started would be at the annual NH Porcupine Freedom Festival in June. If I can get some marketing materials and some banners and such, I could man a booth/tent at the festival and try to get other activists on board for this effort. I'm sure I could get others interested in helping.

    And to be clear, I'm offering to do this free of charge. I'm not looking to get paid.

    What do you think? Should this be discussed off-line?

    And anyone in NH interested in helping?
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    @mr1 is on to something here.

    I also think that physical gift cards is a GREAT way to spread the word, and to a certain degree they double as marketing materials (i.e. If the Goldmoney logo is on the card).

    To clarify: these could start off by simply being $5,$10,$20 pre-loaded on a card that can be spent anywhere. Then it can evolve to gold (once fiat systems fail haha).

    As an example: I usually give about $5 per month to some homeless person. I would buy $5 in Goldmoney gift cards to hand out instead, for sure!!
    Or bday gifts, graduations, etc... Then people will be like this Goldmoney is all over the place... I got to check it out.

    My suggestion to @Josh and team is get these in grocery stores ASAP. Or if through, waive* the shipping fees for bulk orders of like 50+ gift cards, otherwise charge a small fee that the buyer will get back if and only if the recipient redeems the gift card on the platform. The purpose of the waive is because whoever buys 50+ gift cards is looking to help out GM with impressions and network effect.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Love the ideas and passion flowing in this thread! Will definitely pass along to the folks in marketing for consideration! Thank you for the support everyone :smile:
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    Did you get any response from marketing about ideas on this thread? At the very least, I'd love to have something simple (like a business card) that I can hand to someone after talking about GoldMoney.
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    If anyone is interested, I went ahead and created an example of the business-card size marketing piece I'm thinking of. I posted it in a separate thread here:
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    nice @mr1
    Daddy Like!
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