I'm looking to acquire some equities(Stocks), any recommendation

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I know some had advised Silver Wheaton in the past.

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    Thanks guys, if anybody else has some good ones keep them coming
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    Pinkdog said:

    My number one pick is Goldmoney. Symbol XAU on Toronto. This will be your best investment for 2017.

    Already quite heavy in that one\
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    I think oil sands projects are undervalued. Trump's executive order to move forward with pipelines projects are a good indicator. SGY, BNP, BTE all come to mind.

    I also hold DIV which has a big dividend.
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    Like @Pinkdog suggestion - bought XAU during 2016 - buy & hold. Also like Bonterra resources, Seabridge gold, Alkane Resource, Charaat Gold, Highland Gold, Centamin, Coeur Mining
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    I hold sandstorm gold as well, it's treated me well. I hedge my position on stocks with gold/silver probably about 50:50. I know 10% is the "insurance" recommendation but while I hold stocks I also expect much inflation, possibly hyperinflation, and a new market crash to occur in the not-too distant future. I'm not sold that SDR's will be accepted when they will be promoted in a post currency failure environment (and SDR's are literally a basket of failed currencies, which is basically not just crap, but Super Crap). A commodity standard which includes gold and/or silver seems more and more likely to happen, the more you look at fundamentals, and what's going on in the world today. Goldmoney makes the perfect Bank, because it's not a bank in the traditional sense. It's a bank which stores and honours your value - what a concept.

    While no investment is guaranteed, I believe I'll be doing a favour with this advice, in all likelihood. And full disclosure, I'm a shareholder.

    My personal opinion on this: Ucore Rare Metals (UCU on TSX or UURAF on OTC/US Markets) is a BUY BUY BUY and I'd say there are several good targets that should be hit between now and 3 years' time, one of which I anticipate within a few months. Why?

    Ucore is a company that has global rights to a metal separation technology called SuperLig. It is a proven technology that has been in use (also formally referred as MRT - Molecular Recognition Technology) for over 40 years in copper and PGM separations (including gold bullion). They have only recently applied this same technology for as many as 60 elements on the periodic table, which now includes the sexiest elements like lithium, cobalt, and the 50ish others - which has been verified and proven by SGS.

    Why Ucore-IBC's technology is significant in their 60/40 joint venture, is that unlike solvent extraction methods, which is dirty (see Baotou), MRT/SuperLig technology recycles nitric acid and extracts the metals many times more efficiently than conventional methods used today. Most importantly, the technology can reduce current mining costs by two thirds, by many estimates. When a conventional solvent extraction plant can take up a football field in space, MRT can operate on the size of a couple trailers - which is one thing the company will be working on in the future, deploying portable plants, and selling the proprietary ligands at a cost (similar to an ink cartridge for an inkjet printer, as an analogy).

    While we're all gold bugs here, a lot of people aren't aware of the environmental damage caused by gold mining - and this technology helps to alleviate the problem significantly as well. The US recently had Trump draft legislation allowing toxic mining waste to be directly discharged in local waterways, to accelerate mining company progress and to compete with China, but MRT can help keep the process stay clean without ruining our environment like China has. Especially if as Ucore advocates any minimal waste can be buried with concrete backfill, allowing for a no-tailings-at-surface environment - unprecedented for a mining company and definitely great corporate ethos.

    ucore.com is their website - check it out.

    While this company isn't only into rare earths (it is working on changing their name soon, in fact) - rare earths is an awesome advantage with this company. Currently china exports virtually all of the world's supply of rare earths - used in everything from missiles, to phones, to cars - everyday fundamentally important things. With a possible Chinese trade war coming, rare earth supply would be cut and this could mean huge gains especially for this company. Can't really understate the potential there.

    The company currently has a long list of partners under non-disclosure agreements, and with a technology that can separate metals less expensively than any other technology on the planet, you better believe a company that has a competitive economic advantage on the entire mining industry, covering the majority of the periodic table as a monopoly will be worth a lot more than this ridiculously undervalued penny stock is today.

    That being said, I could be wrong, so do your own due diligence.

    My portfolio includes

    XAU - Goldmoney - I'm bullish on this especially with a NIRP or crash. Sheeple will learn one way or another.
    UCU - Ucore - my biggest stock investment of them all, probably 95% of my stock position. Extremely bullish on fundamentals.
    ASX - Advanced Semiconductor engineering - small position for dividend returns.
    DEC (TSX) Decade resources - made about 40% return on this one
    CZX (TSX) Canada Zinc Metals - probably my best performing stock so far, around 60%, unfortunately only a small position on it.

    I dropped out of ESU and MOX (TSX) some time ago out of lack of patience, which I now regret. Looking for another entry point on those, which may be a while.

    I occasionally do technical trading with exponential moving averages (9,50,200) but I find it's time consuming and with a day job I avoid doing this between breaks, but sometimes do. If my stocks end up doing well enough I may end up quitting my day job, so we'll see how things turn out.

    Only been trading since 2014 but I'm very pleased with the performance of my investments. I'd never have such positive returns in the banking system.

    Any other traders care to weigh in on their portfolio's - and any stock they recommend more than others? Also if you're Canadian, I highly recommend Virtual Brokers - the least expensive and nicest platform brokerage around. I can create an affiliate link for anyone who wants to start off with a bonus, but I'm not recommending them for that purpose. They really are just the best brokerage. You can buy stocks for as little as a penny, and capped at 10 dollars for large buy orders.

    There's got to me other traders around here - let's hear what you've got!
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    If you know anything about Ucore Rare Metals on TSX you will own it, imho. UURAF on OTC.
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    Roy's NAK got HAMMERED last week and today.
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    NAK is going down hard. Reminds me of Great Western. Lots of boom and busts in mining.

    All the more to be bullish on Ucore, because of unique positive fundamentals, such as monopoly ownership rights to the best metal separation technology in the world. I am a shareholder for full disclosure, but that should be obvious.

    - Global ownership of the most proven and economically efficient metal separation technology which has been in use for 40+years in copper/gold/pgm's.
    - 60+ elements (including lithium, cobalt, scandium, etc) now retrievable with SuperLig ligands, proven by SGS - allowing it to drop mining expense by 2/3rds by many estimates in comparison to conventional solvent extraction technology. That is one wide profit margin on the global mining industry.
    - Recycled nitric acid, fewer cycles required for efficient selection of elements from a PLS.
    - Even in size MRT SuperLig tech takes up a couple trailers in space, versus conventional metal separation technology that takes up a football field.
    - Look up what conventional mining does to places like Baotou, when Ucore's SuperLig tech can recover metals from e-waste.
    - Currently they have several companies lined up to lease their SuperLig tech under non-disclosure agreements, including one unknown major oil sands producer (MOSP).
    - Technology can be used to extract from waste environments.
    - Has been used to remove radiation from the sea of Japan. The inventors of MRT (SuperLig) tech awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
    - They are building a complex right now capable of processing an annual production of 750,000 ounces of PGM's per year.
    - They will be leasing mobile plants to mining companies globally, and they sell the Ligands. They sell expensive ligands, which is the same model as buying expensive ink for an inkjet printer.
    - Currently a penny stock, and many regard it as being "pennies on the dollar".
    - It is expected this company will "spin out" into multiple companies, each element having its own company / Ligand. So for illustration, ten shares of Ucore may soon provide also one share of a new company once the metamorphosis happens.
    -Their first project is expected to be in recycling platinum from spent catalytic converters.

    I could go on and on. They have a wonderful story and I recommend checking out their information on ucore.com
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    @GoldStandardCanadian Very cool. I'll look into it!
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    @GoldStandardCanadian So it is a mining company with some revolutionary techniques that has 100% ownership in a very exciting rare metals property that they would like to mine?
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    The company has evolved from Ucore Uranium several years ago, into the rare earths space. Once they acquired the global rights to MRT (now called SuperLig tech by Ucore), they endeavored to build a rare earth mine in Alaska, with the goal of having zero-tailings at surface. If you know about mining, that's a big deal on the environmental front.

    They are planning a name change, because they aren't just about "rare earths" and the company's interests have switched to focus on its proprietary technology, MRT / SuperLig. Ucore has a 60/40 joint venture with IBC, the company that made the ligands, and were awarded the Nobel Prize for it.

    I would call Ucore a technology company, and I see it ending up on Nasdaq eventually.

    The current environment is insanely bullish for this company. If a trade war with China ensues, the western world will lose access to their only source of rare earth metals, used in technology, missiles, drones, cars... and the cleantech future, which is going to need a lot of them. Things like dysprosium, europium, neodymium, graphite, cobalt, etc.

    You probably heard of Molycorp, or Molycorpse as I like to call it. This mine went bankrupt mainly because it was a light rare earth mine - which mined common, less valuable metals. Ucore on the other hand has ownership of bokan, which is the highest grade heavy rare earth mine in the US. It is an important thing to distinguish between light rare earths and the heavies.
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    The company is a lot bigger than any one single property or mine - it is going to be a provider of technology for the global mining industry at large - for all mines. It is widely ignored and misunderstood, shrugged off as just another rare earth mining company. The current valuation is puzzling, for that matter. Extremely undervalued for what it's set out for. No idea why it hasn't reached mainstream news. Even when the 60 minutes episode on rare earths highlighted America's dependency on rare earths from China - critical materials for many things - Ucore or MRT wasn't even mentioned. It will get noticed eventually.
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    @GoldStandardCanadian @GoldMatters @GoldIsCurrency @GMONEY1 This is why I spend time on this community board! <3
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    @GoldStandardCanadian Any idea when they will start generating some revenue?
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    If it takes off, I'm quitting my day job and starting my own business. It's all a dream right now, but fundamentals always show themselves in due course.
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    The company said they plan to start generating revenue this year, starting with the strategic metals complex, their first revenue source is likely to be platinum from recycled catalytic converters. This is probably their biggest challenge - a mountain of opportunity and much funding needed to start for a company with a market cap of 100m. They have been offered AIDEA loans from Alaska and a Canadian government grant as well, so things are gradually getting there.
    I've been invested with them for about 3 years and despite all the excitement I contain when it comes to my outlook on this company, a lot of patience is still required. But they have milestones set for this year very soon. You might regret it if you wait. But do your own due diligence and understand the risk, and always diversify.
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    If there is a trade war, I see it as a real possibility that Trump would advance and back Ucore. It wouldn't make sense for him to back a different company. The most efficient technology wins. If that happens, which is speculative but a very worthwhile asymetric bet - this stock should fly onto Nasdaq in no time. Along with Goldmoney.
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    very worthwhile asymetric bet - this stock should fly onto Nasdaq in no time. Along with Goldmoney.

    Well said @GoldStandardCanadian.

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    I also like Algonquin Utilities (AQN.T) as a safer low beta place to put money long term. Mid cap stock that's been moving up in recent months with a nice dividend and exposure to American markets.
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    Instead of trying to pick individual miners, which is very difficult, I use the Sprott Gold Miners and Junior Gold Miners ETF's. I think these ETF's are a cut above GDX and GDXJ.

    I also use Sprott Global Resources. I think they're the best in the business for equities in the natural resource area. Highly recommended.
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    @Powerlunchmoney I like AQN too. That is a great recommendation! I really like the renewable energy sector as I don't see it going away any time soon, it is just going to keep growing. Also nice to get paid that dividend while you wait. AQN is definitely on my top 3 list in the renewable energy sector.

    I also really like NPI (Northland Power) in that sector and quite like many aspects including that the founder who created the company back in 1987 still owns roughly 30% of the shares. NPI has had an aggressive growth plan developing a variety of different assets. My broker got me into NPI about a decade ago and with that 9 cent a month per share dividend, my book value has been covered so it is all gravy. I have this parked in my RRSP and just let it do it's thing. One of my most easy on the mind long term holdings. I love the renewable energy space.
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    I'm a sucker for monthly dividends, thanks for the recommendation @GoldIsCurrency! NPI looks interesting, I've added it to my watchlist.
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    @Powerlunchmoney I am sucker for the dividends too. It also helps investors stick around for the long haul. NPI has 26 operational assets and another 4 in construction/development. Gemini project I really like based on the location as I have been there before and the winds are very steady. Marmora project is the most innovative project I have ever read about, worth checking out. They also made a nice acquisition about 1 week ago too. It is an interesting company for renewable energy guru's. Have a nice weekend @Powerlunchmoney
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    Speaking of renewable energy... I got into this lithium play in Quebec, Critical Elements (CRE), accumulated 70,000 shares (averaged .21) over several years then got bored and sold them to move into other plays. I took some profit but had I kept it, I'd be better off as the close today was .90 :D Unfortunately I sold it all before reaching these new highs :/

    Regardless of the stock though, lithium is a very important metal for our renewable future as the capture and storage of energy is crucial to a renewable future. Lithium has one of the highest energy-to-weight ratios which is why we gravitate toward it for batteries.

    Cheers @GoldIsCurrency!
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    @Powerlunchmoney It can be frustrating when that happens. Holding onto those penny stocks for so long as they can have such limited attention to the market until something in the media/news all of a sudden puts them on the map and you see the surge. It is tough to hold as the percentages move so wildly, up and down.

    Cheers @Powerlunchmoney!
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    I've also been adding to my FSAGX at Fidelity. $ are funneled into 401k with few options. Gold Select seems to have its hand in quite a few solid PM names.
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    I just remembered about this thread from a few months ago. Just in case anyone was following along I wanted to state I saw NPI chart was going to break below $24 so I sold off my entire position and will sit on the cash until I see what happens in the upcoming months with the world economy. I figured I pushed this position for long enough.
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