how do I delete my debit/credit card details saved on my goldmoney account

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to delete one of my card details I used to purchase gold on my account but I can't see any option to do so. I just don't want my card details on my account for fear of being hacked. how do I delete it please?


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    If you fear being hacked, use a two step verification feature to make your account's security unbreakable in practice, then you can relax behind that perfect protection. Even if someone get your password or access your computer, they won't be able to log in because they can't access the random generated keys that will pop up on your phone every time you wan't to log in.

    Not using Authy isn't safe, seriously, a simple user "one time" mistake can put your privacy at risk at any online service, not with a double-wall.
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    We need to push as a community for Google Authenticator.....because AUTHY has been compromised. The technology is based off of SMS which leaves users vulnerable to hackers who can port the users phone. Google Authenticator uses the device instead of the phone which makes 2FA stronger.
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