I would love to see a NET P/L feature for my investment in Gold.

Hi, I would love to see a total net Profit/Loss number/percentage displayed somewhere on my account.
I purchase gold on a weekly basis and with gold prices fluctuating daily, it's very hard to calculate the average cost price of my portfolio over a long period of time.
I would love to see how much I profited or lost over a certain period of time.


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    At first, I thought the same thing--'this should look like my trading dashboard ... Where the hell is my p/l'--- but then I realized that a big part of the Goldmoney philosophy is using gold as the numeraire... In which case... In the long run a dollar denominated p/l doesn't really matter. Once I digested that, I switched my units to gold grams... And my stress level went way down.
    To each his own though
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    @GMONEY1 Same with myself. I have my dashboard currency set to GAU so I just look at how many grams I have. Every once in a while I do flip it to CAD to have an idea what it would translate back to CAD$ paper.

    People need to look at gold as a currency and not like a commodity. Similar to having a USD account, I wouldn't ask the bank to show me what my p/l is compared to CAD. Gold is money, not an investment.
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    @GoldIsCurrency yes, I think everyone should do this !
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