Gold Soars on a Caldera of Debt..a Fiscal bloodbath... are you missing, March 15th 2017

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The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion.
Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash.
They are burning $75 billion a month. By summer, they will be out of cash.
This is so super large that Gold and Silver will rise.


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    Zerohedge have a summary on...when looking at markets,[ gold] "what's going on today is complete insanity" March 15, 2017 debt ceiling deadline, at which point everything could "grind to a halt." go to> Zerohedge

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    Mike Maloney explains why the debt ceiling is coming back .go to > Debt Ceiling

    Or do you think> They have raised the debt ceiling every single time we have approached it in the past. Can someone please tell me why they wouldn't do it this time

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    Ron Paul and Chris Rossini they discuss that In a few days [March15 ]the federal government's debt is going to cross $20 Trillion.....Talk to friends and" People don't believe there is a problem " LOL
    Get in on the inside track Myth-Busters Show

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    Feb 25, 2017 Peter Schiff Show talks about Goldmoney in the first 4min to 7min..

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    Independent researcher Steve St. Angelo ..""".Ultimate revaluation of Gold and silver has taken more time than most of us in the precious metals community anticipated...the Fed, Central Banks and the IMF were forced to RIG the gold market..... continue rigging the gold market in the 1990’s and onwards, the West had to introduce “Gold Leasing” and more exotic “Gold Derivatives” to keep the gold price from going completely BONKERS"""" combine this evidence with march 15 then we have
    one outcome.

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    Unfolding global economic collapse...Begins march 15

    and 10 Signs that a Global Economic Collapse is now.

    As Gerald Celente says the Debt Crisis Builds- and now Buy Gold...there trend forcast is 2000 per Ounce .

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    There is a post .....Make Money Great Again
    Dont they know the GLOBAL money system is fraud and will PROBABLY have some sort of reset collapse[ MARCH 15] and be rebooted again.

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    The debt ceiling .....What The debt ceiling? Here it comes again

    President Donald Trump's budget advisors have voiced different opinions about how to deal with the debt ceiling.
    Well let me tell ya folks ,,,interest rates are up is down...boom.
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    Jim Rickards: The Financial System Will Crash Sooner Than Later....THE DEBT CEILING
    And government shut down
    if you don't watch another vid watch this .....

    Apr 1, 2017
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    March 15th came and went. Not possible to time it exactly.
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    Trader Is Betting Millions the Markets Will Collapse........... even after losing over $89 million by betting on a volatility spike, the huge options buyer just keeps buying......even after losing over $89 he correct?....will gold shoot higher??

    ALSO .......Get out of the Stock & Bond Market and Protect Yourself with Gold"

    Debt..a Fiscal covered.

    thanks to mike malony
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    Thanks for all the great videos.
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    Mike Maloney . You'll see overwhelming evidence that stocks, bonds, and real estate could be in biggest bubbles of all time
    and the reason to hold gold ...

    If you dont like a lot of chart talk whatch from 21 min into this great presentation at least .

    He makes a point about holding bitcoin ,,,i would add also hold Goldmoney...

    This content confitrms my point about the big players and the delay in getting gold into our accounts

    The norse attack data

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    What is the word on the streets today (May 17)? VIX is up, Stock Market is down, Gold/Silver/Platinum is up. Just looking for rumors, inside info, anything that is suppresed from Main Stream Media.
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    @Campeador I find it hard to believe such a grand spike today would be about impeachment odds but that is about all that I kind find rambling about the movements today... "Treasury Yields Tumble, Dow & Dollar Dump As Trump Impeachment Odds Spike"
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    I think this is the trigger.

    The Junior Miner Sector and the release of held land by the Feds; used as Currency Collateral? Someone told me, during the Nixon administration when the Dollar was taken of the Gold Standard, the EPA was created. For the sole purpose, to hold land and its mineral rights as collateral in the name of preservation. That way, they can sell Treasury Bonds with a guaranty that worth something. The Chinese have the Rare Earth Metal (semiconductor industry) worldwide market cornered and they hold a lot of Treasury Bonds.

    Here is me speculating... What will happen, if that is true, and Trump drop the protection on those pieces of Real State? The guaranty for the Treasuries are gone... Hence, financial debacle due to the Bond Market.

    Is my thinking correct?

    Have anybody watched the movie "Rollover" (1981)?

    According to Fake News CNN...

    "Trump order could roll back public lands protections from 3 presidents

    Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump is all about bucking precedent, and he's doing it again when it comes to public lands.

    In a move that could allow him to roll back the protection of lands designated by Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that reviews enforcement of the law that gives him power to designate lands as national monuments.
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    Full Movie

    Plot summary
    Lee Winters is the widow of the Chairman and primary stockholder of Winterchem Enterprises, a chemical company, who is attempting to obtain financing of the purchase of a processing plant in Spain, while trying to determine why her husband was murdered.

    Apparently, her late husband discovered some damning information about an Account Number 21214, a secret slush fund involving asset transfers.

    Respected financier Hubbell Smith takes over as president of Borough National Bank at the request of First New York Bank chairman Maxwell Emery, in an attempt to have Smith discover the financial status of Borough National.

    Smith discovers that the bank isn't just in trouble, it's essentially so insolvent that it can't even pay its next dividend. It needs to find a customer who needs to borrow a lot of money and either loan the money or act as broker in the deal in order to raise some quick cash and stave off intervention by the Federal Reserve.

    One of the largest customers of Borough National is Winterchem, but because of federal lending limits, the bank "can't loan them a dime" but conceivably could be involved in brokering a deal between Winterchem and some other lender capable of loaning the approximately $500 million needed to buy the plant, and the bank would receive a 1% finder's fee for making the arrangement.

    Smith becomes involved, both financially and romantically, with Winters in her attempts to finance the purchase of the petrochemical plant and in the discovery of the mystery of account 21214. They finally do so by brokering a deal with some Arab investors who take control of her stock as security for the transaction.

    Smith later discovers that account 21214 is actually a slush fund where Emery is moving money belonging to the Arabs into gold as a safe haven against potential losses if the dollar collapses. The Arabs are extremely worried that if anyone finds out, their assets will vanish in a public panic as American currency becomes worthless.

    Winters also discovers the Arabs are behind account 21214, and wants her stock back in exchange for her silence; she has overheard part of Smith's conversation with Emery and mistakenly believes he was double-crossing her. A fake limo driver who is actually working for the Arab investors tries to kidnap her with the intent of killing her—as it turns out they did to her husband—to prevent her from disclosing what she knows, and when the attempt on her life fails, the Arabs panic and pull all of their money out of every bank in America, and possibly the entire world.

    The globe is gripped by panic and rioting as people discover all of their money is now worthless. Emery is shown in his office - dead, an apparent suicide. The economic crisis paralyzes the world, but by spilling over boundaries between east and west blocs, and between developing and industrialized nations, it also unites the world in common cause. In the penultimate scene, workers at Borough National stand idle while listening to a report of the growing economic crisis. As the camera pans across the trading floor of the bank, the viewer sees that it's now empty of workers, the lights off, the desks and machines covered - completely inactive. Only Smith remains. Winters joins him in the final scene. Smith tells her that he's looking for a way to start anew. Winters offers to become his partner.
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    Max interviews Michael Pento he states "The markets have been feeding off artificial interest rates from our Federal Reserve and that of the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan for years....the global economy has been stimulated further by a tremendous amount of new debt generated from China ....... the bull market in equities has been fueled by a record breaking pace of Central Bank money printing[counterfeiting] and an unsustainable accumulation of global debt... the upcoming market collaps is due"! 2017 .

    From 13min in
    The hedge is physical gold.

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    Max Keiser is funny and easy goes off on tangents. Like to hear him rant; very entertaining.
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    Gold and silver are the most undervalued assets on the planet.
    They will take off this year 2017.
    Gold Soars on a Caldera of Debt..a Fiscal bloodbath... February 2018, gold will be at $4,800 per ounce and silver will be around $600 per ounce!
    Bitcoin going into the hyperinflation !
    Fed can’t kill crypto currencies.
    No more source of free printed money!
    Lot, lot, more in this well crafted presentation.

    Thanks to Greg Hunter interviews data mining expert Clif High
    Source Mike Maloney
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    Professor of Economics Steve Keen: The next Financial Crisis... one of a handful of economists who correctly called the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.
    What banking does to the economy....issue currency and create massive debt based booms ,which go pop.
    How is money created...its unreal value
    What is fraudulent credit
    China, Australia, Canada, and South Korea are bankrupt and ready to burst over the globe with unpaid debt

    Published on 19 Jun 2017
    there is along intro so move it
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    This is simpler ......

    Debt was a big part of the crash in 2008.The federal reserves, at

    the central bank in America, have a balance sheet debt over five times ; since 2008.

    Fed and other central banks of the world will be powerless to stop a market super crash as there is Caldera of Debt.

    8 Jun 2017
    Thanks to peter schiff @
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    David Tice...a multimillion $ player

    Hold gold/BITCON ,,,,a big economic reset is now due giving rise to Fiscal bloodbath.
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    Mike Maloney : the stock market is facing the a Fiscal bloodbath of all crashes—a Caldera of Debt

    The question is... how soon will the average investor would get his money back,,most investors will be dead .

    8 Aug 2017
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    I follow the Stock Market even if is a lie and you might ask why. The reason is not about investing on it, is about watching how far or how long they are keeping the lie going. Is one of many ways to gauge on what is going on. The financial bleep storm is upon us.

    The hardest part is to convince other people to prepare for what is coming. Specialy the ones close to you.
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    @Campeador ..hardest part is to convince other people to prepare for what is coming. Specialy the ones close to you.

    I agree, especially the elderly ,they think they are investing ....also pension funds which is really scary....
    But for some guy whoes sold his building company he took 20 yrs to build for say $1000,000 and then
    trust a bank to invest[risk]in stocks which are going to collapse is wrong.He wont believe me .As i make an early call
    they think i am wrong .LOL
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    Gold is the insurance against systemic collapse, hyperinflation and infinite political stupidity.!!!!!!!

    Ray Dalio,,,, head of the world's biggest hedge fund ....SAYS

    "gold as a hedge to the two biggest risk events unfolding today:

    1] the rapidly escalating North Korea crisis,

    2]and the seemingly intractible debt ceiling crisis.

    [which as former CBO director Rudy Penner said yesterday, would likely lead to a market crash this fall.]

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