Hello, is there Bulgarians here, maybe in Russian! I do not understand! I want to know more about the possibilities! I invested only $ 10 because I do not understand what to do!


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    Hello Yuliya! Welcome to the Goldmoney community. There is a lot of information here and everyone is really helpful.

    You said investment, did you buy shares on the TSX or deposit into your Goldmoney account (perhaps both!)? I think you mean a deposit, but just to be sure.

    That said, feel free to post any of your questions right here in this thread and I'm sure we can get you some help.

    The main idea behind Goldmoney is to have a choice in currency, in money. Hopefully you have requested a Goldmoney card, and it will arrive. Then you can save your labor in gold, and when you want to spend some you load that value on to your card and spend away.

    Let us know your specific questions!

    I'll bring in some reinforcements real quick:


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    @ShadowsRevealed I think @yuliya means he deposited $10 because after commissions a $10 purchase of Goldmoney shares would be extremely uneconomical. He would be down at least 50% immediately at almost any brokerage.

    A $10 purchase of gold through Goldmoney however, would be a very smart decision.

    @yuliya You dont need to take any further action to protect your capital. If you want to add to your savings on an incremental basis you might consider the recurring transfer options, and save automatically on a schedule of your choosing :)
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    @GoldMatters I completely agree with your assessment, @yuliya , please skim through the support site to read the FAQs to help you understand about Goldmoney and then also the articles about how the system works. There are some good "nuggets" in there if you have some time to read through it all.
    I would also suggest setting up a recurring deposit and BE SURE to upgrade to a personal verified account by uploading your ID. This will allow you to request your free goldmoney card and attach your bank account where you can then deposit and redeem to and from your bank account very quickly.
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    why does my pre paid card balance say 0.00 when I have money loaded onto it .
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    edited March 2017
    @Bravemander please see the announcement posted earlier today regarding the mastercard issues. It has been resolved now but this should explain your issue
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