Hey Hey all you goldbugs! Im glad Im a goldbug to, after going through what I did with all these Bitcoin exchanges. From the time I started to buy Bitcoin-Ethereums and litecoins, going to all these exchanges. I have never had such a bad experience with coinbase--challengely--cex.io and other exchanges that I joined and now, I CLOSED THEM ALL!!!! REASON ?? Some exchanges,it took me a whole week to try and verify my id. After that, after couple of weeks using the exchanges, they send me a letter that they are closing my account because 'Im from Hawaii. another exchange says they need to check me out for more information. Man they wanted my whole life history!!! This is how I answered all of them . I bought a ledger nano wallet and took all my funds out, and said heck to them all. Gonna wait till it goes up sell it and buy all my gold at Goldmoney. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL THE SIMPlE WAY! Just being on this site gives me peace of mind and no stresssssssssssss!!!! LESSON LEARNED! ALOHA! :p


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    I have an account with Coinbase and never had a problem with their order completion and account initiation. I lost money with BTC, and bugged out at BTC $200. I saw it going to $100 at the time. BTC certainly has outperformed gold. The thing that makes me hesitant with BTC is that it can be manipulated if the exchange is hacked as it was Mt. Gox. I was up $11K on 20BTCs, but eventually, lost over $7K when it crashed to a low of about US$187. Govt's are prone to focus in on the movement of funds outside their borders. I am under the understanding that Chinese can purchase BTCs inside China, and the BTCs will be held in an account in Macau. While BTCs have outperformed gold, I feel uneasy about an exchange(s) being hacked, or a government halting trading on BTCs.
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    @coffeedrinker I had a similar experience at cex.io. They wanted my life history, so I closed my account. Coinbase was good for me for a while, esp with their exchange and gdax, but now it takes like 7 days to go in or out. That's insane.
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    It is good to "diversify" I guess... but I think this site is very simple and if you spend 5 minutes clicking on all the options and menus you will quickly understand the system. It just works... for 99.9% of its users.
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    I just sold 100 ethereum and sent the profit to gold money, I traded the rest for litecoin. Just a hunch. Gonna build up my litecoin and sock it into my hard wallet and forget it till end of year. Did ya see what dash us doin, omg I missed the boat on the climb, but I should be happy with my Ethereum sale. Onward !! Lets get more gold!!! B)
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