Deposit Not Even Showing As "Pending"

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Hello community,
It really is lame that only "wealth clients" are important enough to access the phone lines. Us proles get to use email as our only recourse, which the current response time is 2-4 days. Wow. Thanks. What is it next month, mail a letter with a SASE???
On March 9 before 8am I made a US Bank ACH deposit for gold (specifically the Singapore Vault). $5250. I got the "confirmation" email that also stated the janitor or custodian or whoever it is would "confirm" the deposit in 24 hours. Now I'm no mathematician, but I am pretty sure that 26 > 24. What a shame and what a scam. Disappointed in GoldMoney with lack of 1, support and 2, clear details and expectations which lead to just turning out the lights and shutting the door in the face of their customers. They better fix that if they ever want to really get big...
So my question: Anybody esle experience this?
- Paul Eberhart as in www dot paul eberhart dot com


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    Seems to me that no one is giving a s**t about small customers. I'm also having (recurring) deposit and withdrawal problems, and no one answers my emails. Very disappointing.
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    @PaulEberhart99999 I see that there is presently a delay in the transaction on the side of our ACH provider - I will have this taken care of for you! Our apologies for any inconvenience.

    We are presently expanding our Customer Success team and appreciate the patience of our users while we work diligently to respond to user inquiries.
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    K...Good...Thank you...It would be nice though if there were a phone number to call...If the whole point of gold money is a convenient and awesome way to spend and send your gold, how the heck is there no phone line, or at least live customer support chat? That is like the complete opposite of convenience you know...Just sayin...YMMV...
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    Hi, if i may piggy-back on this post as i was just going post the same about the lack of a "Pending Transaction" in the interface which i too experienced after submitting a US Bank ACH on 3/10 after which an email arrived with a button to view the transaction which upon redirecting into Goldmoney DINGS (like a browser error) and shows no transaction, so I suspect this might be an interface gltich.

    So while I appreciated the confirmation email and since my ACH hasn't hit the bank I'm thinking the delay at Goldmoney might be a combination or interface glitch and business-day processing delay, but i'm sure not of comfort to Paul E. with 5K+ on the line.

    Thanks Paul and best with your transaction which I have a feeling, like mine, will work-out.
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