Dubai Vault

So...exactly what can I do with the credit in my Dubai vault?
Is it that I can only send the money back to bitcoin?
I can't seem to shift it out of my vault...How do I shift credit from this vault?

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  • AnacapAnacap Posts: 91 Copper ✭✭
    Nothing but a bank wire redemption to your bank account 0,5% fees+ 0,5g gold

    You can't transfer between vaults so you can't use the goldmoney network and neither the goldmoney card.

    I don't think putting your eggs inside moral hell holes is a wise idea, you can pick Switzerland, Hong Kong or Singapore, which are best geopolitical locations by far and still enjoy all the Goldmoney goodies. :smiley:
  • ShannaShanna Posts: 28 Copper ✭✭
    I took everything out of my Goldmoney account for this very reason -- buying with Bitcoin looks great until you discover the limitations. What i'm waiting for is interchangeability (both ways) between Bitcoin and Goldmoney, with the same options as when buying with fiat. I'm also waiting for physical cashing out fees to come into line with other suppliers of the same gold products.
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