Support Ticket System

With all the reported issues and complaints of lack of response combined with an apparent rapid expansion of the User-base Goldmoney absolutely needs a Support Ticket system. if anything that will help the Support staff get their arms around all the issues while providing Users a tool to track and follow-up their issues.

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  • GMONEY1GMONEY1 Posts: 426 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Keep up the great work @Chris ! Everybody loves happy customers! :smile:
  • coinradcoinrad Posts: 15 Tin ✭
    @Chris I see now there's a new Case # at the bottom of the automated reply message for each email submitted through the Support Center, a potential source of confusion when updating or inquiring about a particular Case . However after receiving the actual Support Agent reply that includes a history of the Case and a message to "Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply" I realize now it's probably best to wait for that Support Agent reply thereby providing a history of the Case in the User's email and a means to reply to a particular Case .

    QUESTION: if NO reply has arrived witin the 4-days waiting period would it be best to simply reply to the automated reply message containing the original Case # OR re-submit the issue through the Support Center?
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