goldmoney where is my withdrawer money?

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i made a withrawer of $271 after goldmoney has deducted the dollar equivalent of 0.5 grams, my withdrawer was comfirm on the 3rd of march 2017, (03/03/2017) today is now seventh march (17/03/2017) i have not seen any money in my Nigerian bank, i have complained on this forum about four days ago on this same matter, the admin said i should direct my complain to the support centre, i then sent mail to the support centre uptil now no response, , this is my whole life savings, is that how you run your company, now my mother is on the sick bed, this is the money i was expecting to take care of here, please the whole world should come to my rescue, admin should ask their management where money is, or is this another scam to steal peoples money? golmoney please tell me where my money is.


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    I'm sorry to here your mother is sick in bed and your life savings are not available to get her medical attention. Unfortunately nobody cares.

    We have heard this same story over and over again on the Goldmoney community and many others communities. Perhaps next time change up the story a little and say you are from Detroit. People might actually believe you.

    Are you by any chance realated to the Nigerian widow that has $20 million in a Nigerian bank and wants to transfer it to North America. But she needs $10,000 to smuggle it out of the country. I get those emails and faxes at least once a month.

    No sympathy. Better luck next time.
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    This doesn't sound like your typical Nigerian scam. My kneejerk reaction was to post as you have done, Pinkdog, but 271 dollars could be someone in Nigeria's life savings. If it is a scam, he is trying to scam Goldmoney itself and that can be proven one way or the other very easily.

    On the other hand, perhaps something went wrong with the transaction.
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    This may be superficial, BUT - His username is awful "adamspee"... and is the tag "[removed]" a typo or what? Hard on the eyes, man.

    I don't mean to discriminate or to come to any conclusions without any proof, but for a man trying to make a case, there is a bit of sketchiness at face value. The English of course is spoken a bit more coarsely in Nigeria, and he isn't soliciting anything other than a request to follow through on a transaction with Goldmoney which would lead me to think there is some legitimacy to this [removed].

    In any case, it's no secret it can take time for Goldmoney to reply to users but I have no doubt they will. They very recently added new admins which will help speed the process a bit, while Goldmoney continues to grow exponentially.

    Just to speculate, he claims to have withdrawn money Friday March 3rd, just before a weekend, which is 2 non-business days to consider, and hadn't received it on March 7th. Nothing unusual about that. Did he follow the bank micro-deposit procedure? Lots of people do things without reading instructions, maybe this is the case? Or could be one account number was missing, or many other things. He could do some verifications while waiting for a reply.

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    I think he said as of the 17th, he hasn't received anything, which is unusual.
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    Everybody is making good points. From my personal experience with Goldmoney customer service, when there is a problem Goldmoney will respond and address the issue immediately via email. I just found how the post was written it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

    I believe there are people on this board that are her to simply discredit the company by posting negative information. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the post are by Competitors that see their business at risk do to the Goldmoney innovation.

    I love this company and think Roy and Josh are doing an amazing job.
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    Hello @adamspee - as we have informed you by email, the funds were sent to you at the time of your redemption. We are initiating a trace with the bank and ask for your patience at this time.
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    Melanie to the rescue! Thanks for cleaning up the tags / references, I'm not bothered one bit to have my post edited with those references. Clean is good, thank you.
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    @GoldStandardCanadian @Melanie We don't call her TLM for nothing :)
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