Machinery of empire now increasingly self-serving, administrators MEANS COLLAPSE

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The third stage is one of rising inequality....COLLAPSE
The world is going to have a new monetary system in this decade that
we're in we're going to experience these huge deflationary crash around the world

US Debt of $20 Trillion in Stacks of $100.00 bills



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    There's quite a bit of awareness on the $20 Trillion US debt, among us gold bugs at least. But what about derivatives at $660 Trillion? I highly doubt much of that is solvent. It was derivatives that caused the 2008 crash, and it was only the restructuring and manipulation that has kept us going another day. Much of those same derivatives are still outstanding today, and both the amount of derivatives and scale of risk has grown. The derivatives were 182 Trillion in 2008 2nd quarter and as James Rickards can attest as an insider in negotiating the bail-out, the world was near the sequential collapse of every major bank in the world. In my opinion there should be more awareness on derivatives as they carry much greater risk. But even at 20T it's past the point of no return. It may be best to intentionally abandon the US dollar, carefully, as the MMGA campaign encourages. It will be hard, but it's for the greater good.
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    "Wealth is never destroyed it's mere transfered"
    That is far from the truth, wealth can be destroyed in many ways, from natural catastrophes to war, bad investment options, not taking care of a property or the effects of credit expansion.
    The expansion of credit leads to hypertrophy of business, investments and debt, which then have to be readjusted or even go bankrupt. That is a real negative cost, the value is lost: facilities and services lose their purpose and therefore their value. That's a tangible lost of wealth. Not always you can recycle a failed business.

    It's like crashing a car. You still have the materials, but it's not the same as the car itself, it's not as useful and if you want to give a second life course to these materials, that's a higher cost than it's first cycle.

    And this is not even taking into account that most people's purchase power has decreased.

    The "opportunity" side of SHTF is not that cool as Mickey presents.
    Althought good shilling pitch :wink:
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