Article: Hidden Gem - Trump style???

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I was just doing some research to support a case for APMEX joining forces with Goldmoney instead of competing, and I came across this article, which clearly articulates how Trump has used gold bullion in place of USD in the recent past.

Gold is money? Well apparently 3 --- 1kg bullion bars is better than USD money when it comes to a commercial lease security deposit!!!


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    Trump has an adoration for gold. Gold bullion wrapped chocolate bars at his hotels. His living spaces are surrounded by it. A funny coincidence to see Putin also surrounded with gold, gold doors and pillars. - Trump talking about an upcoming shift in trade relations with China by implementing a level playing field. I've watched this video probably a hundred times and can't think of anything other than either SDR's or a gold standard as the level playing field he refers to. What else could it be? Huge implications and hardly anyone seems to be paying attention or referencing this video.
    Check out those Gold curtains too, btw. Almost like a Wizard Of Oz hint at the truth.

    Putin surrounded by gold

    Trump's Apartment:
    Trump's golden apartment

    (Don't ask about the shower).

    This one is edited, ftw:

    Trump likes Goooold!

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