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All community,

I am starting a campaign that will hopefully both promote Goldmoney and also enhance the Goldmoney customer experience for those whos expectations have both fallen short and are looking for new features/clarity. While I will do my best to improve on the experience, I am only one person and a person not within the organization. However, with passion and help from the community, we can make this campaign successful. I have no doubt in my mind we can be successful if we are passionate.
As we continue to grow as a community and as Goldmoney continues to grow as a company, we will see enhancements, additions, and also current shortfalls improved upon that will benefit more and more.
I like to give an example of scale when describing this business (Goldmoney) to friends and family. Think of your local hometown newly created bank or business... or any company a few years old and think of the customer base and complexity... Even your hometown bank likely doesn't have over 1 million customers... right? Think about it... in addition to the 1 million + customers, (Goldmoney) has customers in many different countries spanning many languages and many banking systems/laws. As they try to add more features and more ease of use systems for deposit/redemption, they will obviously fall short for many. While this is expected, it is a depressing moment as a happy/passionate customer to see many others have issues at the same time (I) have none and have never had any slowdowns or trouble with help when needed. I have introduced many to the platform and they also have not experienced some of the frustrating experiences that other have... This to me is a sign of growth pains that comes naturally to successful rapidly growing companies.
To close, I will say that this is a startup company that is founded on principles that are designed to help the customers it serves. There will be pain points but I am confident that as each of these pain points are brought to attention, it will be addressed. We have already seen an increase in customer success personnel, transparency in pricing (I believe will get better even still), user interface experience, added deposit/redemption options, services like concierge and maximizer loans, and pre-paid auto load features. @Josh Crumb and @Roy Sebag have a winning strategy in mind that if carefully looked at can really change the world... I truly mean that. It may not be Goldmoney that does it but it will certainly be a step in the right direction and I DO HOPE IT IS GOLDMONEY that accomplishes this mission. With all our effort and passion we can help spread the word as much as we can and help this company succeed in what we ourselves have been discussing for many years and Goldmoney has made a reality.

@Melanie @Craig
The two names I have seen often in these posts Thank you and those I have missed for your help. I hope those that have had issues can understand the amount of effort put forth by the customer success team to accommodate users issues. From many languages and regulations/banking complexities to things we do not see as customers, I truly am appreciative of the work and diligence that has been put forth by the customer success team!

See you all soon


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    @TauntFourstar I love your passion and am on board! Can we get specific when we speak of the campaign?

    Ive always had a vision that all Goldmoney users that have The Passion will redeem Goldmoney T shirts and join me on the T shirt tour.

    I want EVERYONE on the tour with me. My vision is people from all over the planet taking pictures in famed locations and with a bit of luck we can get a celebrity somehow.

    Join the tour with me @TauntFourstar and everyone else!!!
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    Connect with me personally @GoldMatters and we can chat! Would be happy to do so, got my hat and T ready.
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    I been over the townhall meetings and much of what Roy has expounded since creating Goldmoney. I dug in a did the numbers as best I could. I can't help but think that Goldmoney will prosper quite easily over the long term. Even over the short term we see rapidly accelerating business usage and very steady customer growth.

    I also don't like seeing complaints about customer service in the forums. But it is a growing company . It is probably difficult to gauge how many customer service reps they need. I am certain they are trying to automate as much as possible. I think they have a fairly good handle on it though, because the forums aren't over-run by complaints, just one or two every few days. Also to consider is when you get in to millions of customers and transactions, there will be some people that you just can't please. So don't let the complaint threads get you down. B)

    I will follow your campaign with interest.

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    Interesting concept. What can we do to help?
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    I am almost finished with video 1 of more to come.. I would like to have it completed this weekend for review so it can go live this coming Friday. If I can get 1 volunteer to review and provide some feedback, that would be swell! :)
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