New Goldmoney ATM contracted with Brinks

TauntFourstarTauntFourstar Posts: 215 Bronze ✭✭✭
I was at the mall yesterday and noticed a ATM by the vending machine and when I looked closer I realized it was a Bitcoin to cash and cash to Bitcoin machine.
I think it would be an awesome idea to strategically place some of these type of ATMs owned by GM or contracted with Brinks where people can bring cash and buy gold at the machine through GM or sell some of their gold and get cash..
Not sure the best way to have people login, I would assume they could either scan a QR code from the phone app or just swipe the pre-paid card that is attached to their account to gain access and perform the deposit/redemption.
The idea behind this is that if you get cash from this ATM, there would be no fee since it is contracted through brinks (strengthening relationship) and customers would have an option to get cash with no fee (similar to many banks).
In reality I am not sure if this would ever happen but it sure would be cool to see and use...

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