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Seems to me that I have seen quite a bit of posting on here about money not being deposited to accounts or it taking forever and a day without any explanation or response from gold money as to why.
So I would like to ask. Is the redemption process explained on this site? If it is not then it needs to be. What has to take place for a redemption to occur.

When I received a check after I sold my house. Being drawn on a bank from outside my country. Although it had already been converted to my countries currency it still took 6 weeks to clear.
I can't imagine that a redemption from a vault outside your home country would take 24 to 48 hrs to wire into your bank account. That is what is said on this site? 24 to 48 hrs? If it's not then quite a few people on here are under that assumption.

I'm going on 9 days and nothing has been wired to my account. I'm seeing several people on here that have waited much longer. This process needs to be explained much better.

It seems to me that their are so many moving parts to this company and with it being global and having so many members from all over the world that goldmoney might be somewhat overwhelmed.


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