The Potential for a New, Major Digital Product Market Place ...

optiopti Posts: 34 Tin ✭

When adding a product to your list in your business account, you have the option to identify it as being digital or physical.

Some well known physical market places are Amazon, eBay and others. Some larger digital market places are ClickBank, JV Zoo, Warrior+ and others. These three examples also provide the added function of giving product owners access to re-sellers who will promote their products to receive a commission.

Goldmoney may be able to list all digital products on it's own sorted and searchable market place to make it easier for buyers and sellers to conduct their transactions more conveniently and in time become even larger than the three examples above ... being a young merchant platform, open to positive input from an innovative community exposes a dynamic user base to new potential benefits in a variety of ways.

I can see the future potential right here! :smile:


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