Cant make a deposit and poor customer service

I don't understand why I cant make a deposit. Im using a Mastercard Debit Card linked to my bank. I had an issue a year ago and gave up on Goldmoney. I became interested again, bought XAUMF stocks, and still cant get a deposit. I cant link my bank account because its not a large account. I emailed customer service twice over the last few weeks and havnt responded. I'm pretty much about to close my account and sell my shares because this is obviously a poor business model. Im giving it ONE last chance and if its not resolved in a week Im done.

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    @Melanie (???)

    @plasma1010 I'm just an account holder like you. I feel your pain. I suspect that the issue may(?) be that you are trying to use a Debit card. Have you tried using an actual credit card?

    You might also contact your bank. First time deposits to Goldmoney can be flagged by the fraud detection department of your bank "for your protection ". I just had this happen to me when I atempted to deposit via a credit card (first time for that specific credit card), but once I convinced them that I was me and not someone else trying to drain my account all was good.

    I make no excuses for when things go bad with Goldmoney transactions, but I personally have encountered very few problems. The lack of phone support is a sore point for anyone having problems. Also be sure to check your junk email folder fo a reply.

    I tagged @Melanie to make sure an admin is aware of your situation.

    Best wishes
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    @Melanie ,i am a account holder from china ,i reddemed 5.886g gold in 24 Mar, but i did not receive money until now . i am trying to contact with your team everyday in e-mail ,but get auto-response e-mail only ,i feel so bad . Can you help me with the problem ? Urgent need of money recently !
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    Hello @chenyuehero

    A support agent has contacted you in regards to your support ticket. Please be sure to tell them all relevant details so that they can assist you to the best of their ability. Thank you for your time!
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