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On 4/10/17 I initiated my first purchase on my GoldMoney account, funding it via ACH. I couple days later the transaction switched from "pending" to "confirmed". However, on 4/13 the gold I purchased was taken from the account with a negative transaction saying "Chargeback-Aborted". I called my bank and they told me that there is no record of even an attempt of an ACH from GoldMoney.

Please help me confirm my original transaction, which should be valid.


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    I ran into the same issue using my checking account (Ally). I could sell my gold from goldmoney and deposit it into my bank account but couldn't use my bank account to purchase gold from goldmoney. I would suggest emailing customer support if you haven't already. They'll probably contact you back between Monday and Wednesday. Once you receive their email response you'll be able to communicate directly with them. At that point they respond very quickly and they'll stay with you until a solution is found. I ended up using a different bank and haven't had any problems.
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    @lolcat We've responded to your email! Please check your inbox for further information on this issue.
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    @Melanie Can you help me reinitiate my original purchase so that my original price/gram is honored? I used a bank that is listed as supported, so I shouldn't be penalized for the error.

    Alternatively, if you are not going to help me kindly let me know as soon as you can so that I can move on and purchase from an alternate vendor.

    Thank you.
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