24x7 Phone Support - An open plea to Goldmoney management

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@Roy Sebag @Josh Crumb @Darrell @Melanie

Great customer service is the hallmark of every great company. Goldmoney is a great company.

For the love of gold, I implore you to find a cost effective way to resume some limited form of 24x7 telephone support for users with transaction issues.

There are many low cost phone answering and trouble center services available worldwide. @Melanie and the Golden Ninjas need not be the first line of phone support, but users having to wait days in fear that their money has been lost or stolen is a recipe for unrest.

I am not talking about general user support but specifically support for transaction failures.

Resumption of limited 24x7 phone support dedicated exclusively to transaction issues would the single greatest thing Goldmoney could do in 2017.


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    Phone or chat service... It would also help people feel better about putting their money onto the platform knowing they can call or chat with someone IF something went wrong with a transaction...
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    I am with you @79Au197 we need that and it will help a lot!!! :)
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    @TauntFourstar @alberto1110 @Roy Sebag @Josh Crumb @Darrell

    I submit that 24x7 phone support for transaction issues would go a long way toward diffusing some of the criticisms related to


    Reasonably priced answering services such as


    would give concerned users the assurance that Goldmoney cares.

    All the answering service needs do is document the issue, and provide a ticket number, forward the info to @Melanie et al. for investigation, and reassure the user that his/her issue is a top priority.

    To repeat - this would be exclusively for transaction issues, NOT training or feature support.

    Please investigate and do the right thing for your users and share holders.
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    My short bit of Internet research suggests that the costs are very low and based on call volume. I saw costs as low as $30 - $40 per month for some answering services. This is a dirt cheap positive Public Relations solution.

    I suspect that the actual call volume would be low and the cost would very cheap indeed (a few thousand USD per year at most?).

    Negative Internet posts by disgruntled users are the biggest threat to the success of Goldmoney as indicated by @Roy Sebag 's original post.
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    I agree with the above .... phone support for users with transaction issues is a must .
    The main issue is that users have confidence in the service this means they recommend Goldmoney
    The cost factor is minimal and is outweighed by the growth 0f less in-tune customer ie people
    who don't get gold is money.
    What i suggest is that Goldmoney roll out a service say for 9months to test the water .
    Goldmoney is going to have to do this any way as the company gets bigger .
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    A company will never stop people from leaving negative feedback. You can provide the best service to someone and if they are having a bad day you're going to hear about it. You'll never stop people from coming up with wild theories or hating you because someone else uses your service (reference to those silly youtube videos). Some people are just funny that way. Just a quick look through youtube / online and you will find that many people have bad opinions about every company out there. Shoot a lot of people in this world are angry at God. That's just the world we live in. If people are upset about something they'll share it with a lot and if people are happy about something they'll tell a few. That's how people are wired.

    I think cheap 3rd party "customer service" is not a good idea. Speaking from experience, it always frustrates me when I call customer service and the representative is someone in another country that doesn't speak my language well , has zero ability to help me and nothing gets solved. I leave more frustrated. I personally want to deal with someone who is part of Goldmoney.

    Goldmoney is an online platform and thus it makes sense that the customer service is through email or chat. That way everything is in writing. I would say in extreme cases that phone contact could work. I understand this is money and people are very sensitive when it comes to their money, rightfully so.

    Faster email response times with a personal touch are the key.

    Strive to have contact with the customer within 1 business day of receiving their message. Even if its to say hey I got your message and I'm looking into your issue right now.

    New customers are always going to have more issues than seasoned customers.

    When a person submits a ticket the auto response guides them here. I can see part of the reason why Goldmoney does that but it also answers why we see so many issues that are at the beginning of the process on the community forum.


    From personal experience with the Goldmoney customer service, they have always been very courteous and helpful. So again it's no the quality of service that is the issue, it is the speed of communication that could be improved on.

    This is just the normal growing pains a fast growing company goes through. This is not Darrell MacMullin's first rodeo. He's been through this with growing PayPal. I have every confidence that Goldmoney will grow customer service to match demand.

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    Man no matter how many times I proof read there is always one word :smile:
    * So again it's not the quality of service that is the issue
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    @Tex everything you have said has merit.

    All I am asking is that Goldmoney management re-visit some form of realtime 24x7 transaction assistance for those rare times when transactions fail and users are justifiably in fear of loosing their money. This would be great for PR and I suspect it would be cost effective.

    Goldmoney may pride itself on being a low staff FinTech company, but the "Fin" part of FinTech is "financial" and people tend to get emotional and defensive where their finances are concerned. Goldmoney is competing with the global banking and credit system. Every financial account and credit card I have has a phone number I can call when there are problems. Not all are 24x7 but most are.
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    I think there is a simple solution. If you want to talk to a live person and don't want to wait 2-3 business days for an email response, charge $5 flat fee per call. That will offset the cost of having a live person taking calls. If you want that level of service you must pay.

    The other option go to Goldmoney Wealth.
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    A quick search on trust pilot:

    PayPal has a 1 star rating
    Bank of America has a 1 star rating
    Wells Fargo has a 2 star rating
    All three offer 24/7 customer support

    Even with those horrific online ratings all three companies thrive. Because the silent majority of their customers like the convenience and service provided to them by each company.

    No one is immune to trolls.

    Out of 1.4 million customers only a couple complaints a day are happening here in the community. Not too bad. All of them seem to be about the same or roughly the same thing. So that's clearly a growth issue.

    @TauntFourstar Is pumping out some great how to videos.

    Goldmoney has a wise and passionate team. Who are always improving the way they serve us.

    I for one am excited to see the new things they have in the pipeline for us.
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    How do i find my refferal link?
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    @rtinedal you should be able to find it by clicking on the heart in the upper right of your dashboard
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    rtinedal said:

    How do i find my refferal link?

    Here you go and your welcome if above doesn't do the trick... Lets keep the topics in line with the title please :wink:

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    Let the community solve this problem then. I don't know how but in some how i feel that this community has som potential. A Community-support by phone (different languages) or email support provided by the community.

    I don't know, just throw a thought out there. .
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    I was one of the people who had an issue the past two weeks. I have had an account over a year but it is the first time I ever tried to wire money directly to my bank account.
    My issue was that the wire bounced back and I didn't know. For 8 days my account dashboard just showed the withdraw was approved but after reading the policy that is posted on here and reading some of the comments I became concerned that it was taking so long.

    I finally reached out via e mail. I did receive a response. That is how I found out it had bounced back. I wonder how long it would have took if I waited.
    I would like to see a updated dashboard or section where you can track your transaction. If any issues arrive it would update so I could have looked into it.
    I personally hate calling anybody. Most call centers or phone customer service is terrible. Live chat, e mail seems to work much better.

    This type of platform can be nerve racking to the average guy. Keep in mind that I'm guessing 90 percent of the customers on here have never met the people running this company. Have no personal experience with any of the owners. It's not like going to your local branch at the bank where you know the people and most likely have developed a level of trust or rapport with them.
    If I had a bullion bank that was local that did the same thing as gold money I would be there instead.
    All we have to go by is what is posted on here. My fear has always been that one day I would try to log on and the site is gone. I would have really no way to recover my money. It's not like I can drive over to my local branch and solve the issue or talk to someone face to face. People always react different when their are face to face conversations. It's easy to blow people off on a computer.

    That is why I download my statements every month into my computer. At least I have some type of record that I had anything.

    If you have lived on this earth longer than 25 years or so we have all seen to many scams and to many people loose everything they have with things like this. I will always be a bit paranoid. I log on daily just to check. I hope most do the same.

    There have been a bunch of states in the U.S. that have passed legislation to establish these types of banks in there states. Once that happens I tend to think that a lot of customers in the U.S. will go that route instead of this .
    If gold money wants to retain there base and grow there subscribers there customer service has to improve. They have to be second to none in that area if they want to be the leader in this industry.

    These are just my opinions.
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    @TimK Goldmoney is currently in the process of opening physical branches
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    This thread is the perfect example of why Goldmoney needs to franchise. Their plan for physical branches is a great start, but having several hundred Goldmoney franchise "nodes" all over the world would help the credibility and the accessibility of their company, product, and support.
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    @GMONEY1 love the ambitious plans :) remember Goldmoney launched less than 2 years ago. How long did it take Apple to even start thinking about having physical locations? I understand though the sentiment, I would love to see Goldmoney branding everywhere and one day we will get there!
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    @GMONEY1 love the ambitious plans .... I would love to see Goldmoney branding everywhere and one day we will get there!

    @GoldMatters I agree.

    I think BIG!
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    @GMONEY1 - I disagree with the franchise option - just my personal opinion.

    @TimK - I have been a member long enough, watched enough videos, and corresponded with support over the past two years that - although never having met any of the management or support team personally - I feel as if they are old friends.

    ALL - regarding the handful of perceived bad experiences on the net about Goldmoney vs the millions of users and successful transactions - it obviously troubled @Roy Sebag enough that he came to the community to ask for our help in downvoting or responding to negative rants about Goldmoney on the web. Remember the old saying "one bad apple spoils the barrel". Goldmoney management want to grow the company and negative internet posts can scare away both new users and investors.

    ALL - we all appear to agree on one thing - a 3-4 day wait for a response when funds have "gone lost" is too long. I am asking management to revisit some form of phone dialog in emergency situations because it is realtime, but I concede that realtime chat might be as good or better. One of the advantages of realtime chat is the ability to get an email transcript of the chat for your records. I have used this successfully with other companies I deal with. Even realtime chat during normal business hours would be better than a 3-4 day wait on email.

    PS - my suggestions are not based on my personal experience - I am totally satisfied with the performance of the Goldmoney support team ( I <3 @Melanie ) - but rather on the posts to this board and the Internet for those rare occasions when new users loose faith in the system. As I have said in previous posts, the "Network Effect" cuts both ways and unhappy people are MUCH more vocal than happy ones.
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    79Au197 said:

    @GMONEY1 - I disagree with the franchise option - just my personal opinion.

    We'll have to agree to disagree on that one then @79Au197 :wink:

    IMO, A face-to-face interaction and an in-person handshake in one's locale (i.e. in a customer's region...in the same language etc)... backed by the Goldmoney Network, brand, leadership, vision, and value propositions would go a long way on the trust front (and also the liquidity of the physical bullion that they may have). I'd argue even more so than phone support; that's why I brought it up on this thread.

    It would be hard for someone to be ignored if they are standing in front of a GM representative.

    I do agree it would be a BIG development in the business (perhaps even a drastic strategic shift)... and their is definitely a roadmap over years for something like this, but certainly worth considering.
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    79Au197 said:


    ALL - we all appear to agree on one thing - a 3-4 day wait for a response when funds have "gone lost" is too long. I am asking management to revisit some form of phone dialog in emergency situations because it is realtime, but I concede that realtime chat might be as good or better. One of the advantages of realtime chat is the ability to get an email transcript of the chat for your records. I have used this successfully with other companies I deal with. Even realtime chat during normal business hours would be better than a 3-4 day wait on email.

    I am all for the real time chat during business hours. When people are dealing with their money a 3-4 day wait can feel like an eon even more so when there is so much crap written on the internet that has the potential to scare some users. If real time chat were to only give a person confirmation that their problem is being looked at, it would provide a much higher comfort level than receiving an auto response email. People have a much stronger comfort level with the "live body" experience.

    I have met the founders of Goldmoney and a number of the staff, have also visited their office in Toronto so for myself I have 110% comfort level and I truly trust them more than my own bank whom I have been with for 40 years which should display my strong belief in Goldmoney and their mission. However if I were to think outside of my own personal situation I would probably not have the same comfort level if I lived on the other side of the world, never met any of the Goldmoney staff, read some frothy bleep written on the internet, no phone number for a personal account and no chat option I would probably not have an account. A chat function wouldn't cost much to do and the pay-off for the overall comfort level it would create is peanuts of investment in the big picture.
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    "We'll have to agree to disagree on that one then @79Au197 :wink: "

    But it not a serious disagreement. I would prefer company stores to franchises, but a plethora of brick and mortar Goldmoney branches would do wonders to further legitimize Goldmoney - so if it takes franchising to accomplish this I would not complain.
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    @Roy Sebag @Josh Crumb @Darrell - looks like the community has weighed in.

    Real-time chat during business hours for transaction issues and more Goldmoney branches appear to be the consensus.
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    To that end, I actually would like to know, how many of you have a Wealth Holding?
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    I have a wealth holding but have never needed to call. I got support through email which was fine.
    Additional fees and higher minimums... :neutral: we just saw a jump in minimums in march that is now .25 gau which is not small for many people especially in less wealthy countries like my family who were depositing $5 USD equivalent each week and have since needed to hold off deposits until they can save more.
    As of now I will say that I trust leadership to steer the ship in the right direction and will sit tight for now.
    I appreciate the self directed approach as I am a Security/IT professional so for the most part I am self reliant, however I do understand that most of the user base would appreciate a closer relationship with customer service when they are in need of assistance.

    Thanks for the insight @Roy Sebag
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    This is awesome. Great news for all. Thanks for your proposal @79Au197

    Thanks for listening and participating in the Community @Roy Sebag ! ''

    Count me as another that has recently opened a Wealth holding
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