Can't process MasterCard transaction?

Until yesterday, my GM MasterCard worked beautifully. POS and ATM transactions were fast and simple. Last night however, I had a slight emergency and had to withdraw money with by GM MC. I went to 5 different ATMs/CDMs at three different banks.

After pressing all the right buttons, at the point where the withdrawal should occur, instead I got a message that read "Issuing bank cannot process transaction." That was at ICBC in China. The other two banks gave similar messages or just failed.

Today I noticed I was charged for these failures some weird amount of US cents because my balance is down a little over a dollar.

Now, I know this may not be a GM problem per se, but I also can't find a record of these transactions in my GM account page, and have no idea why the card suddenly wouldn't work when I needed.

I wondered if it was related to the new draconian proof of address requirements (Again, not necessarily GM's fault, but a global push to prevent ordinary, hardworking people from "laundering" their pittances).

Any insights or help with this would be appreciated. I am about ready to charge my card again, but before I do, I need to know that it will work.



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