Death of GLD

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Goldmoney's main appeal is for its ability to leverage savings in the form of gold. At WWW.ECONOMICPIZZA.COM I threw together some thoughts on goldmoney possibly competing with GLD(and other gold etf's) with retail investors. check it out.


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    @Billybeta fantastic article. So well written. I have alway wondered why anyone would want to own a gold ETF such as GLD now that Goldmoney is available. You make several great points. I have never noticed you on the community before. Your article is a great introduction. Thank you for your article. I hope to read more of your writings in the future. Best regards.
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    i bounce around now and again. I have other articles lower on the page. maybe 3 or 4. writing later this weekend on ETF market.

    Thank you for your support @pinkdog
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    Awesome article. Will be sure to share with many that I know as it is easy to read and really makes sense of what could be for some and is a complicated market.
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    Thanks @TauntFourstar appreciate the kind words!
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    Great article.

    GLD (and SLV) is an options/derivatives and manipulation playground for big players and quants.

    As a result, I've decided to" take my ball home" to Goldmoney where there is fully backed bullion. If/when masses realize ETFs/fiat/derivatives/contracts are just air and "promises" ... The bluff might be called, but sans monetary reform and a reversion to sound money ... It could be a long and slow fade of a death for GLD.

    The writing is on the wall though; and your article highlights that. Nicely done @Billybeta
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    I agree with all of that. Thanks @GMONEY1!
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    Good article @Billybeta ! I enjoyed reading the dealth of GLD as well as your other articles. While I was reading your article on debt I wondered if Dave Ramsey would change is position a bit on gold. For a man who dislikes debt you'd think he'd support the savings platform of Goldmoney.
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    Thanks @Tex ! He supports only his milk toast advice of saving money...ahhheemmm thats lost 95-97% of its value since 1913.
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