What the Heck happened to UnionPay?

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OK, so while I'm waiting for a response to the IE11 issue on deposits, I decided to play around and see if I could get UnionPay to work in various browsers and went through the process. This is my first try at making a deposit since the new method appeared.

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH UNIONPAY? I get a new window for some new payment system that asks for my resident ID and absolutely no bank acct info or bank card number Furthermore, the terms of service were in Portuguese? What?

I'm not a Chinese citizen, so I have no ID number. What's with that anyway?

I'm just an expat who lives in China, for so long I no longer have a US bank account, and always depended on UnionPay for my GM deposits. Now I'm (all expats in China and HK) shut out from this method?

This is just bizarre and surreal. that minimalist window that opened up was the weirdest thing I've ever seen trying to do a money transfer online. If I use my HK bank acct for UnionPay I suppose I'd see the same thing. Really frikkin' weird, man.



  • thornythorny Tin ✭ Posts: 38 Tin ✭
    OK, so I kept playing around with this. It doesn't seem to matter where your IP address is you get this page in Chinese and no other language options: https://www.astropaycard.com/payment_method_connectors/global_pm/go

    Just to try finding my own solution while I wait, i entered my passport number and got to the bank selection page after three tries.

    However, my bank wouldn't work, because I'm using FF, and it won't let me login to make a payment in FF. So back to square one. I mean, GM is becoming as difficult and intractable to use as PayPal. I hate to say it, but that's about the size of it right now.
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