Over 3 month wait for Pre-paid master card really??

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I been waiting for my pre-paid master card to come in the mail for over 3 months....Is this normal?? This kind of wait time seems ridiculous, specially since I live in Canada. I have tried to email customer service 2 times now and nobody has gotten back to me.

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    @Melanie @Chris I made this comment on a prior thread. Maybe Goldmoney should consider it as it appears to repeatedly occur..

    With an amount of email responses from Goldmoney that have unfortunately gone into inquiring users junk/spam folders I am almost of the thinking on the Email Support page it may be a good idea to add "Be sure to add us to your contact list" or something of that nature. It would presumably avoid some account user frustration not realizing that some email messaging services have too strong of filters these days which unfortunately are filtering out non spam messages.
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    I use to have a problem with emails being bounced back as soon as I sent them to Goldmoney. After some experimentation, I discovered that the problem was GoldMoney's spam filter was taking anything with an "@" in the message as spam and bouncing it. This included the footer for Gold money. I would have to go through every email and replace the @. I used to send the error messages to Goldmoney but they never responded but since it doesn't seem to happen anymore, I can only assume they have fixed the problem. With emails not being received, I wonder about Goldmoney's email provider. If it didn't like @s, what else is it messing with?
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