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So far I have not received my card please explain


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    Hi @Tarek it's sad when you want something and that take time to be with you,but I have been in the same situation and my first one (Prepaid Card never arrived) and to avoid my second one get lost or disappear in my post office a requested a new one and I paid for the courier.Its more secure and my card arrived sucessfull and I have been using it without any problem.That depends too where you from because each region have is own time to the card to be delivered...where you from @Tarek ?!and when you requested it?!Maybe our Admin @Melanie Will help on this...
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    if your card never arrived, I would doublecheck your address on file and if correct, get a support ticket in to have it resent.
    I think it would be nice to have a small box popup on the screen when requesting your card that displays your address on file and have to confirm it is correct prior to being able to send request for card.
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    @TauntFourstar As a note, we do present users with their profile address and ask them to confirm it during the card request process! Now and then an address error may be so small that it is not initially caught.
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    Hi, I just wanted to know if I should follow up on not receiving my card or does it take a month or two to process?
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    @goyama It looks like you initiated your first card request about an hour ago, and have been approved! :smile:
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    @Melanie thanks for the update, that is good to know. Maybe wasn't the case when I requested mine but also maybe I just don't recall seeing it. In either case that is a good thing to have there.

    Update: I just staged a request for a new Euro card and it does in fact show the address. Now that surely was there back when I requested because my memory is coming back to validating it was correct when I helped my wife order. Perfect and thanks again for putting me in my place :)
  • TarekTarek Posts: 2 Tin ✭
    After all this I did not get the card and did not get an explanation
    The address is correct
    Everything is just fine . Except that the card did not arrive
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    @Tarek It looks like you requested your card on March 29th, then changed the address/country information on your profile on March 30th. Your card was sent to the original address/country. Please be advised that the region you have listed as the new country on file is unfortunately not eligible to receive the prepaid card, so you will not be able to request another.
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