Full Account Verification

Hi everyone,

I've been asked to provide information to proof where my money is coming but I don't understand exactly what can I send since we're from a Latin American country. At the moment we've sent our Tax information and the bills we do our customers who pay us using Gold through our business account. Anyone else have had the same experience who could guide me a little? Thanks so much!


  • AlienMeAlienMe Posts: 53 Copper ✭✭
    hope you got this sorted out. if not, can you clarify whether you mean 'where the money is coming from' ? as in, what is the source of the funds you plan to use in goldmoney? was the request from goldmoney or your bank/country? It seems like your business being paid in gold might be undergoing special scrutiny. sorry, i don't have other ideas but if what you did doesn't work you should email support. good luck!
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