Goldmoney Guarantee

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Bear with me, new here and perhaps a bit guarded with tons of questions.

This keeps bugging me on the back of my head. How I know for sure, the Gold that I buy is real Gold and is not a Derivative/Contract on some that is not there. I understand, the Gram that I bought might be on an physical piece (I see it not practicality to break a piece on grams).

The problem is a lack of trust since the Markets ( COMEX ) is manipulated beyond believe.


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    Most people have this question when they get started with Goldmoney. Remember that the vaults are third party audited. It might be helpful to go through the redemption process, again many people physically redeem some gold to make sure the system works.
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    @Campeador The gold is physical gold that is 100% fully allocated. No derivatives/no contracts, 100% physical gold.
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    @Campeador both @GoldIsCurrency and @GoldMatters are correct.

    Your gold is 100% allocated (no derivatives or contracts). Real gold all the time allocated to you.

    The gold stored in the vaults is in the form of 1 kg .9999 bars (technically .995 or better - but I believe all 1 kg bars are .9999 these days). If you choose to redeem physical the smallest unit available is the 10g "GoldCube".

    Unfortunately COMEX manipulation does impact the price of real gold.
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    How do you know the money you deposited in your bank account is really in your bank account? How do you know what the government tells you is true?
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    True... the thing is called Confidence and trying some different, not traditional (but is in the way that should be), the amount of scams... it makes me cautious. At this point is important since the end is very near and you better get it right.
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    How do you know what the government tells you is true?
    They lie to you...The system is rigged in favour of the banks......
    Hidden Secrets Of Money >>>

    The money you deposited in your bank account is really in your bank account

    You are a creditor ,loaning your currency to the bank,they can take your currency at will from your account
    as they like and make your account zero and there is nothing you can do about it!!
    This is the reason i and others hold gold and also USE Goldmoney service as these are outside the banks system.
    To protect our wealth.
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    Har Har... seen Mark Maloney's videos at least 2 times; 1 through 7. My favorite is 4 ;-)

    Yes is true, and again, is all about Confidence. So far the "other" system "seems" works and that is on what I am used to.

    I just thought about some...
    Will be proper to call the Treasury Department the "Treachery" Department?
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