Not receiving fund three weeks after GoldMoney confirmed my redemption

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My redemption was confirmed on April 19. As of May 12, I have not received the fund. I sent several emails to ask about the progress. Joseph of GoldMoney's Customer Success Representative replied with the same answer: "We apologize for the delay, but your redemption has been approved at this point in time. Occasionally, there can be minor delays due to volumes of requests."

I would really appreciate if GoldMoney can give me a straight answer on when are they going to process my redemption.

Frustrated customer


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    Ha... this is good. Trying to liquidate and redeem funds. Have most in NYC, a small bit in Toronto. The Toronto is so small, it doesn't make the redemption threshold! So try and transfer that small amount to larger holding in NYC. that doesn't work. Canadian kidnapping! To make things worse, when I try to redeem the substantial amount from NYC I get an error code: UNKNOWN ERROR OCCURRED. If they don't know what's
    going on with their computer... who does? Interesting how this will work out... more later... 1 PM, 5/24. Rick in Boise
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    @2538682 I see you are referring to the birthday bonus in your Toronto vault - we love giving out birthday bonuses, but they are quite small bonuses, so a direct bank link or prepaid card is the best way to redeem these little bonuses. When entering your redemption amount from the NY vault, select "GAU" (gold grams) as your currency from the drop down list next to the spot where you enter the amount of your redemption. Then, enter the gram value of your vault.
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