Can we use Pre-paid card in Australia?

Hi Guys,
I saw a post from 2016 that discussed that Goldmoney pre-paid cards were not available in AUD.
Is there an update on this and can we use it economically over here is Australia (without each transaction being subject to exchange rates and fees)?
Thanks :)


  • auinozauinoz Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    Second that. Might only add that I've seen nothing in any of the emails from Gold Money (GM) to suggest a change so I assume we aussies are stuck with fees on exchange rates etc. I've never taken up the offer of the GM mastercard because of this, if I do take up the offer It would be in one of the currencies on offer so apart from being a nice thing to own I'd be unlikely to transact with it, I'm waiting for the chance to go to a jurisdiction that uses USD EUR GPB or CHF then I'll get the cool card. Cheap way to buy gold, or should that be, own gold without the GST. Did you see the line in the budget re cracking down on gold traders........ previously announced
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