Deposit still pending for 7 days

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Hi everyone. I'm having a big problem with goldmoney just now. I made a deposit on the 11th of May and its now still pending and has not been completed and added to my account. I have now emailed them 4 times and only had 1 reply and that was many days ago. As a new customer I've not been impressed at all do far with their customer service it seems almost non existent. I can't call them to have this resolved only email them and they seem to be now ignoring my messages. What else can I now do? I'm already considering coming out of goldmoney completely as I have lost confidence in them already..... Any help would be much appreciated..... Thanks


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    Hi all. I am having the same issues deposited yesterday at 10.46 showing pending. E-mailed them yesterday response was "they currently moving in London vault so physical gold needs to added to account." Fair enough still doesn't explain how long and according to their website card/debit payments are immediately. In all honesty I have never had this happen before but its a very lame way for business to operate. I replied back to their e-mail asking how long.....still waiting. Are the people in the vaults snails.....? Come on Gold money sort it today or have the decency to respond to customers!
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    I think its means they are Sold Out....
  • gordi78gordi78 Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    Well that's another full day almost in and still not resolved.... Maybe @Melanie can help me out with my issue......
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    All gold bought on this platform is 100% fully allocated to the client.

    As we all know the gold is stored in Brinks Vaults. Within Brinks vaults there are different lockers/cages for each Brinks customer. So when we as a Goldmoney client make a purchase of gold if there isn't enough unallocated gold currently in the Goldmoney locker more gold bars need to be moved from a sellers locker over to the Goldmoney locker. So on occasion a new purchase of gold by a Goldmoney client can go into "Pending" status and will remain in Pending status until Brinks has confirmed that a new bar/bars of gold have been moved into the Goldmoney locker. The Goldmoney platform works on 100% transparency so the status will not go into "Confirmed" status until that gold is in the locker via electronic confirmation from Brinks. On occasion the above process can take a few days as Brinks has times were they can get really busy moving bars around and also there could be some delays with limited Brinks staff working during weekends and holidays.

    Please also take note that an outsider Auditor KPMG (known as one of the big 4 worldwide auditors) physically audits the Goldmoney locker holdings within the Brinks Vaults. All bars are serialized and accounted for. 100% transparency.

    Hopefully knowing the above will help understand the pending status period better. This is the benefit of owning gold on the Goldmoney platform versus other choices in the world that are not fully allocated and do not have the utmost highest level of transparency that Goldmoney provides to their clients.
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    @gordi78 @Jakey Both of your transactions have now settled, and we have responded to your messages into the Support Centre. Thank you for your patience. As always, @GoldIsCurrency provides a very helpful explanation of this process - stay golden! :wink:
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  • Nc1Nc1 Posts: 10 Tin ✭
    I have the same problem... 6gr pending since 3 days..
  • JohanZ_SAJohanZ_SA Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    @Melanie @GoldIsCurrency I have read many messages complaining about the transaction still pending and I have read Gold's explanation on why there might be a delay (moving physical gold to the vault). I deposited money on 17 May 2017 and still shows pending 8 days later. I received a mail from support, stating the same as Gold's reasons and when I replied, no response has come back. Can anyone give me an actual reason for the delays? Alternatively, a decent response about the expected timeframe for completion of the transaction?
  • marvin126marvin126 Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    Can someone please help me here? I deposited US$5k into my newly opened account via international wire transfer on May 30. It's still pending until now and having read the other threads and comments here I am now very worried and concerned as it seems some people have the same problem and some comments I've read have some people waiting for a month with still no credit nor response from the non-existent customer service. I've received one email from customer support which was no help at all (it was a very generic response basically telling me to try wiring the funds again) Will reaching out and filing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and Government help? Goldmoney, you should at least provide some reassuring communication to customers regarding the timeframe of credits please. It says in the account status section that confirmations should only take 1-2 days.
  • marvin126marvin126 Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    Just an update: Wired funds still pending and not credited to my account and it is now June 16. It's been 2 weeks. A "customer success representative" has replied to me last June 8 (8 days ago) saying that they were able to "locate" my funds and that it would be credited soon. But nothing in my account so far. The slow and very generic response from customer support via email is just driving me nuts.
  • marvin126marvin126 Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    @Melanie @GoldIsCurrency Can you please help me on my post above? I am currently in touch with a certain Stephanie who is one of your customer success representatives. she said she has forwarded my emails to your "operations officer" who has supposedly located my US$5,000 of wired funds but it's been over a week and I still don't see any credits in my account. I just want it credited to my account or refunded back to me if you can't do that. US$5,000 is a considerable sum of money for me which I have entrusted to Goldmoney.
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    Hello @marvin126, it looks like this was resolved this morning for you. Our apologies for any inconvenience incurred due to this bank delay.
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