Dear Community, lets once again show our strength in combating false information!

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A while back we were called upon to combat the spread of misinformation about Goldmoney. I was blown away at the power of the Community to beat back the spread of the misleading youtube videos and false reporting about Goldmoney.

We came together and accomplished something by downvoting things we felt to be untrue.

It's time to show our stamina and do it again! Everyone that believes in the mission of Goldmoney and promoting sound money in general please show support by either commenting or upvoting @Josh's comment on the below video.

Feel free to also downvote the video itself if you think it is misleading or saying something incorrect about the Company.

I can tell you that the information in this video is not accurate and misleading, but please judge for yourself.

IMPORTANT: if you are looking to upvote Josh's comment it looks like this:

Lets do this Community!


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