Goldmoney Community Guidelines

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Goldmoney Community Guidelines

Communities flourish through cooperation. The Goldmoney Community is no exception.

By creating your user name ("Community Handle"), and utilising the Goldmoney Community, you agree to the following guidelines ("Community Guidelines") which operate in addition to the Goldmoney Terms of Service:

You agree to conduct yourself in a manner that is positive, cordial, constructive, encouraging, and informative. Goldmoney will not tolerate any unlawful, unethical, insensitive, rude, or thoughtless behaviour or comments and reserves the right to immediately revoke your community privileges or suspend your Goldmoney Account.

The Community Guidelines apply to all activity within the Goldmoney Community, including, but not limited to, public posts on the forum and private messages between users. We expect that our users are intelligent and mature enough to be able to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

Goldmoney’s Moderation Team can be identified by their avatar’s blue background. They are a friendly bunch and are here to make sure that everyone in the Community plays nicely, and can be helpful in pointing you in the right direction if you need assistance. If our Moderation Team observes a small infraction within an otherwise positive post, we reserve the right to alter the post to remove the infraction.

Goldmoney also reserves the right to alter inappropriate Community Handles or Avatars, which may be changed if unacceptable language or imagery is used in your Community Handle or Avatar, which shall be determined at Goldmoney’s sole discretion. You will be notified of any change by message to the email address associated with your Goldmoney Account. The purpose of this forum is the discussion of Goldmoney, its products, services, and other associated issues. It is not for the discussion of services or products offered by others and we reserve the right to remove any discussion not related to Goldmoney.

We take this opportunity to remind our users that responding to inappropriate behaviour with further negativity is not acceptable conduct. If you have a problem with another user, you can report the offensive post to us or notify our Moderation Team. Only Goldmoney users have posting privileges in the community, so if you have not yet registered for a Goldmoney Account, please do so in order to join the discussion!
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