As contrarians this is a great interview to pay attention to


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    Vital content !

    THis is consistent with other contrarians ,i cant find the source. FOUND.

    Buy now as we are still in the dip.

    Rob Kirby-Rising Crypto Currencies Means Crash Near
    CONFIRMS above video!

    23 May 2017
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    I can't quite put too much credence on the correlations made (reasons) for the rise of crypto currencies vs. the USD. BTC looks like it is being manipulated just like anything else in the market. The USD has continued to fall since January 2017, and since mid-March, gold has come off bottom, jogging it's way north. On gold, This last week, the 50dma has now crossed it's 200dma on the way up. On Weds, gold contracts hit a low-volume of 42,500 contracts. To me, that was an inflection point (very low volume). That's when I added 2oz of Goldmoney (US$2550). I think, that gold will move higher from here, in spite of any interest rate hikes by the FED. The FED cannot raise interests significantly enough to attract investors except the sovereign funds, and the carry trade.
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