Pre-paid card balance

Why does the prepaid card balance fluctuate up and down? Example: You redeem $1000.00 worth of gold onto the US card; that seems straight forward. But then the balance will fluctuate up or down based on the trading value of the gold. If the client redeems the gold at a particular moment determining the worth of the redeemed gold - why would the balance fluctuate?

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  • ChipperChipper Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    Thank you for answering my question. One more minor technical question. If the currency rates fluctuate, and the dollar moves up or down in exchange value, does that affect the amount available for actual use on the card? i.e., less or more redeemed value. Or is this just reflected in the ability of the debited amount having less or more purchasing ability based upon the exchange rate in the market place?
  • ChipperChipper Posts: 12 Tin ✭
    Thank you all for answering this question.
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